Hoarding Links Gets Me Every Time

image via DesignSponge

I know. I’ve been offline for a while now. And my posts are few and far between. Truth is, the above statement is super important in my life right now. We just had some painting done (more on that soon) so now comes the fun part of curtains and painting and pictures and more. Here’s what has caught my eye in the last few weeks:

1 | A 1950s home makeover that’s serving as inspiration.

2 | This white pizza grilled cheese.

3 | I’m anticipating an upcoming crafty weekend and I already want to throw another craft party.

4 | This ombre wooden bead garland seems like an easy, albeit tedious, fun project. Maybe for the aforementioned craft party?

5 | Easter is gone, but I still wanted to share this grown-up Easter basket. Would make a great gift for a dear friend.

6 | Garlic and chicken and cheese and pasta. What’s not to like about this lasagna bake?

7 | Lastly, the ultimate guide to naming. Naming what? Whatever brilliant idea you’ve come up with this time.

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