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The Ace Hotel Gets Me Every Time


So, there are close to what, 300 hotels in New York, or something like that. And this is just about one of them. The Ace Hotel at 29th and Broadway. While the hotel lobby is more like a club than a lobby (I think that’s a NY thing, right?), the rest of the hotel has a few charming quirks. Here’s a look.

The minibar was in that “rations” box underneath the TV. Pretty cool.


And while I would recommend getting an inward-facing room due to noise, at least the street side had a nice view, huh? If you’re going street side, I’d take earplugs. #protip

Throughout the hotel there were little mantras painted on the wall that would make you smile, like this one, in the bathroom.


NYwork2The retro office touches throughout the room were charming as well, don’t you think?


And I somehow even willed myself to the hotel gym. It was small, but, again, had it’s touches that brought a smile to my face. I think that sign on the left could be used in many households throughout the nation.
NYwork5So, why was I in New York? For work. We were filming some short online videos that launched just a couple weeks ago. Make sure to check them all out on Central Perch. But for now, here’s the latest, just launched today.

It’s worth noting that all opinions expressed here are my own, not that of my company, or my client, or the hotel or the puppet master. You know. Oh. I also went to New York to play too. Check out the full story over here.