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Science Diet Gets Louise Every Time

I signed up for package delivery notifications about a year ago. Basically, when those big brown trucks are moving your boxes across the world, you get updates on where your package is and when i’ll be delivered. Imagine my surprise when I got an unexpected notice that a 13-lb package was coming my way. And it was going to be delivered a day early too. What could it be?

The anticipation was killing me so I ripped into the box as soon as I got home. Paper streamers in red, white and blue came tumbling out and I realized that this package was hardly for me. It was for Louise, from the nice folks at Science Diet.
Louise was going gluten-free, just like her mama. Doesn’t she look excited? Yeah, I know. Well, the good news is there was more to it than that. While the box did include a bag of grain free dry food and some treats too, Louise was most excited about the box, the paper and, of course the included  laser pointer. She didn’t even know what to do with herself.
But, just look at her. That’s not a face that turns down food. The food is a hit with Louise and I feel good about giving her a healthier option. Winning all around.

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