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Passion Projects Get Me Every Time



Do you have a passion project? I thought I did. And then I didn’t. And then I thought it was something else. And now, I’ve finally realized what it was more than four years after I started searching for mine. We’ll get to that, but first, you may be wondering, “what’s a passion project?” From passionproject.co:

A Passion Project is a 30-day creative side project that’s connected with your passions, has tangible outcomes and you can complete it without quitting your job or your education. Examples include and are not limited to learning to play the violin, writing a book, creating a trailer for a documentary, prototyping a food app or even 30 days of random acts of kindness.

So, do you have a passion project? Maybe you knit blankets? Or make jewelry? Or build standing desks? Or grow tomatoes? Maybe it’s lasted longer than 30 days? While you think on it, here’s the roundabout way I figured out my passion project.

First, I started this blog. I enjoy writing and I was looking for a place to write just for me. So maybe writing was my passion project? I even joined a blogger group.* But, I’m not sure that writing is my passion project. After all, writing is my job. Not my long-term passion project.

So, I started Toyidermy. You remember. Those crazy toy-animal hacked up pieces that held business cards, pens, books, etc. Etsy shop, craft show, website. I took a huge order and almost lost my mind.**  Toyidermy is not my long-term passion project.

Then I started a dance blog. Then stopping writing the dance blog. Then returned to the dance blog only before abandoning it again. It’s on again/off again and it’s not my long-term passion project.

All of this led me to realize that my passion project was right in front of me. It has been since I was three years old. Dance is my passion project. It’s what I love to do with my free time. Take dance classes, teach dance classes, watch dance reality shows. Why am I fooling myself into thinking I needed a passion project. I’ve had one for almost my entire life. (thanks, Mom!)

OK. So, really. I want to know what your passion project is. While I’ve found mine, I’m always open to a one-off night of exploring something else. And, if you haven’t found your passion project, go and do. It’s fun, promise.

*One of the best moves ever.
**One of the worst moves ever.