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Around Here Gets Me Every Time

aroundhere217_5I hope you had a lovely weekend of love, lovies! The Mr. and I celebrated with dinner in on Friday night, but lunch out on Saturday, complete with (gluten-free) chocolatey dessert. Other than that, not much to report. Getting the taxes d-o-n-e. Scheduling projects. Finishing other projects (above, can’t wait to share later this week!). Cleaning up piles of paper that seem to accumulate throughout the week. You know, the norm around these parts.

I ┬áhear we’re getting more snow this week. And as you can tell, Louise is still not impressed. Seems she hasn’t moved much since Friday, huh? Oh, and one big shout out to Elissa over at StyleWire for such a great giveaway of Kind bars. I can’t wait to dig into these (over the next 3 months, of course.)

Oh, and shameless plus, lots of great new things in the shop, such as a couple cute ring dishes and some place card holders. Check out the thumbnails in the sidebar. –>