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Life Lately, in photos






010915_photos_kellymcauleyYou guys know I’m a lover of words, but every once and again, even I need a break from them all. Here’s a look at the past few weeks in photos. Lots of yarn. A little beach. Cuddly cats. Toys. Christmas. New York. And back to work. I’m sure my weekend ahead will include some of the same. Here’s hoping yours is fantastic.

A Bumpdate Gets Me Every Time

BumpdateSeptember_GMETI’m sure you’ve been eagerly anticipating another baby update, some bump pictures and all that jazz. Well, here it is. I’m growing, Baby GMET is growing and the due date is inching closer and closer. We are in “the red zone” so to speak as anything can happen after week 37. The bags are packed, mostly. The freezer is stocked, for now. And the baby’s room is ready-ish. We feel as prepared as one possibly could for such a life-changing event, I think.

As far as the medical side of things goes, we don’t have any new news to report. We’ve been going for weekly visits since about 30 weeks just to monitor everything. They’re pleased with the baby’s growth, heart rate and activity at this point. We’re still sitting in a pool of uncertainty, so I’ll ask again for any positive thoughts and/or prayers you want to send our way.

Right now, we just can’t wait to meet our little nugget. However, in my mind, baby GMET is staying put for a while longer, but it’s not really up to me, amiright? So, until that time comes, we’ll take all predictions in the comments. Boy or girl? Birthdate? Size? Prizes for all the winners are an overflow of baby pictures in all forms of social media.


New Year’s Cards Get Me Every Time





Happy New Year, Internet! I hope you didn’t stay up too late ringing in the new year. ‘Cause it’s here. And it’s time to get moving. But not without a little peek at our New Year’s cards. (We don’t send Christmas Cards because ain’t nobody got time for that. But New Year’s I can totally handle.) I feel like sending a New Year’s card after Christmas is a way to hold on to the holiday spirit a little longer. But that’s just me.

Now, it’s our tradition. Funny, do something once, it’s nothing. Twice, nothing. But three times, it’s a tradition. Right? And this is one of ours.

Enough about our cards. Get out there and get to New-Yearing. 2014 is waiting!

Living the American Dream Gets Me Every Time


So, as you guys know, we have a new home. So, in the spirit of independence, freedom and all things American, I wanted to give you guys a little digital tour of the new homestead. Before we begin, keep in mind this is an empty house. An empty house that needs paint and some window treatments and just the right lighting. OK, ready?


The open space in the house was a huge selling point for us. Along with the wood floors. And the new windows. And that gas “wood” stove.


The kitchen isn’t the most grand, but it’s perfect for us. We’ve already got a new refrigerator (not to worry) and we’ve got some updates planned in there as well.HomeTour_GMET_4

The master suite is currently our favorite place in the house. It’s been painted. It gets great morning light. And we both have our own sink. Oh, and something about a great closet.


And look, you can come visit. There are two rooms to choose from—unless you want to stay in the basement that is.


More photos to come as we paint, update and decorate. Can’t wait to fill you in!

Parting Gets Me Every Time


For just shy of three years, I called this tiny one bedroom apartment home. Two with Mr. GMET, all three with our #LouiseTheCat. Before this, I had lived in two other Brookline apartments, and I’m sad to no longer call it home. As a family, we had so many special moments in Brookline:

• went on our first date while I lived there.
• brought Louise home.
• were married at our church.
• first lived together.

Those are the big memories but there are countless others like walking home from Red Sox games (okay, we only did this once), watching the marathon fly down Beacon Street (thanks, Cate!), going to “our” breakfast spot every Sunday and begin regulars at some of our favorite restaurants.

Thanks for the memories, Brookline! You’re only a short drive away, so I’m sure we’ll be back soon.


Home Gets Me Every Time


Well guys. It’s official. After 12 years of apartment living, I have walls, a roof, rooms and all the ups and downs of a home to call ours.

More details to come. And pictures. And posts. And questions and answers and more.

And now you know what’s been keeping me preoccupied over here. Just a reminder, my Etsy shop is closing today for the rest of the month—because we’re moving!

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone. And a happy Father’s Day to all the dads, granddads, God dads, pet dads and those “like a dad” figures.

An Irish Epiphanie Gets Me Every Time


Remember that time I told you guys we went to Europe? Well, we did. And one of our stops was Ireland. Before I went I picked up a new camera bag, as you may remember, and I was so glad I did. This epiphanie! bag was perfect for our trip as we spent long days away from our hotels.


My camera was safe, my hands were free and the bag was stocked with snacks in case we happened to find ourselves in the middle of nowhere and hungry. Which as you can tell from the photos, we were. Here, at the Cliffs of Moher, we were blessed with a beautiful day and astounded by the natural landscape.


We spent about two hours gazing out over the sea that fall afternoon. I just started to (finally) put together a couple photo books from our trip. I’ll be sure to share any other great photos that I come across. cliffs_ireland2

Photos of yours truly captured by the ever-wonderful Mr. Gets Me Every Time. Thanks, David!

Snow Days Get Me Every Time


So, faithful followers. It snowed. A lot. And then it snowed more. And the plows kept coming through. But my neighborhood still looked like this when I stepped outside as the last flurries fell on Saturday. Quaint, isn’t it? I could tell you all the scientific details about how much snow fell and wind speeds and all that, but, I’m not. Instead, just take a glimpse at my cute little neighborhood. All the snow. And David trying to figure out if/when we should dig the car out.snow snow3 snow4 snow7 snow6 snow8 snow9 snow10 snow11

*note, we have not dug the car out yet. don’t hate.


Winter Cleaning Gets Me Every Time

Before I was married. Before I lived with David. When it was just me and the cat. Not that long ago, my mother and I made a rule for ourselves. For every piece of clothing we brought home, we had to get rid of one equal piece. Bring home a sweater, donate one. Find 4 new shirts, turn 4 old shirts into dust rags. You get it.

It was an easy enough rule to implement, especially since shopping trips only happened when I was with my mom and usually in a big way. But in the last year or so, things have started to pile up. A shirt here. A new package of socks there. A dresser drawer that now hardly closes due to the number of yoga pants stuffed in there.


So, I’m imposing a winter purge. But this time, it’s not just limited to the closet and bureau. Kitchen, we’re coming for you. “Office,” watch out. And that pile of magazines I’ve been “saving” because they have great recipes in them… there’s another home out there for you.

I plan to share what we’re purging. It’ll be like Spring Cleaning came a little early this year. Do you have a set time of year for a good purge? Or do you store it all away until a big event or move? Please, do share. And to my things and yours, parting is such sweet sorrow.