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A Graze Box Gets Me Every Time


Have you jumped on the box trend? You know. The trend where you sign up to have a box of your choice of goodies handpicked and then sent to your door? Snacks. Makeup. Crafts. Dog Treat. Toys. The list goes on and on. I was eyeing a few different boxes and then I came across Graze Box. It was small. Came every two weeks or four weeks. (I chose four.) And it was only $6 a box.


It’s only $6 because the portions are smaller than some of the other boxes out there. But, they’re tasty and I’m trying things I would have never tried before—like dried strawberries, goji berries and vanilla pumpkinseeds.


As tempting as it was to dig in to all of these right away, I didn’t. Instead, I stash them in my desk and snack away when I’m tempted to go grab a bag of chips or M&Ms from the vending machine.


Each box comes with  nutrition info and you can go online to get all the ingredients as well. While getting the detailed info, you can also choose what items you’d like to try or not try. Using the site’s filters, you can filter out sweet, or savory. You can also filter by allergies such as milk or wheat, so that you’re not sent anything that you cannot enjoy.


After trying the different snacks in your graze box, you can rate each individually. The options range from “Trash It” to “Love It” meaning “never send” to “always send.” But don’t think you’re walking away with four snacks of chili & lime pistachios. Because each box is put together with health & nutrition in mind.


Are you ready to jump on the box bandwagon? I’ve got a few “friend codes” for Graze and you can get your first and fifth box free. And you can cancel anytime. Let me know if you’re up for a little Grazing in the comments and I’ll send you the code!

**I wasn’t paid or perked to try out Graze. It’s just something fun and yummy I wanted to share with you!**