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Focus Friday Gets Me Every Time


1 | Reading | I am SO close to finishing that book that I started forever ago. 20 pages to go! I will continue to focus on reading more in February.

2 | Listening | Sometimes I get so wrapped up in all my own thoughts that I forget to be present in conversations. I will focus my energies on the conversation at hand.

3 | Preparedness | This is everything from packing my lunch the night before to being mentally ready to have conversations. See #2.

4 | Relaxing | This is so. hard. My mind is always racing. New ideas. New inventions. Places to go. People to see. Things to make. In February, I will take time to fully engage in relaxing. Less multi-tasking. More relaxing.

5 | Productivity | It seems wildly opposite from #4, but making sure my productivity level stays high and I am fully engaged will allow me to experience more complete relaxation.


And, for accountability’s sake, here’s a quick recap of how/what I did in January:

1 | Relationships | I made phone calls. Had dinner. Had brunch. Wrote emails. Texted A LOT. More of this to come in 2013.

2 | Honesty | Remember this week’s post on my kitchen? And going gluten-free. This is a huge task… still working on asking for help when needed, I’ll get there.

3 | Creativity | The great Craft Up of 2013 has kicked off and I’m loving all my projects thus far. I will share them soon, I promise!

4 | Reading | See above, I cannot wait to dig into my wishlist of books. (20 pages!)

5 | Organization | The donation pile is still sitting in the corner of our bedroom. And I haven’t updated you on it. But it’s there. Working on it.

So, some tiny successes in January that make my February outlook a good one. What about you?

Focus Friday Gets Me Every Time


Do you ever see those random dots in your eyes? They’re called floaters. That’s kinda what the polka-dots on my pants, pictured above, remind me of. I see floaters in my eyes all the time (it’s a vitamin thing, so I’m told), but I also see floaters in real life.

Floaters are the distractions. The Dance Moms marathons. The endless nights out. The apps on my phone and ipad. The internet. (Sorry, internet, I still love you.)

When I chose my one little word for 2013, I wasn’t sure exactly how I’d narrow it down. And that’s the problem with lacking focus, isn’t it. So, I decided to try to focus on five things per month. At least for this month. I’ll try it out, see how it goes and let you know how I did at the end of the month.


Here’s more insight to my five focal points for January:

1 | Relationships | Our lives are built around them and I’m going to focus on building better ones with my husband, my family/friends (especially those far away ones), my coworkers and you, my readers.

2 | Honesty | This one goes back to the first point there, but it’s also about being honest with myself. When is too much really too much? When should I ask for help? Are polka dot pants truly a good idea?

3 | Creativity | It’s a daily thing for me in my job as a copywriter. But it can’t stop there. Big plans for this one. More on creativity next week.

4 | Reading | I’ve got a wishlist of books that I won’t let myself purchase until I finish reading the book that’s currently downloaded to my Kindle app. I will finish said book and move on.

5 | Organization | This one is already in the works. I’ve started a “donation pile” in the corner of our bedroom. More on this next week too.

Those are my January goals. I think I can do it. Are you a goal-setter? Any tips on how to make it all happen?

One Little Word Gets Me Every Time

focusWe made it! Happy New Year guys. I hope that it’s a beautiful, wonderful start wherever you are. Whether you’re recovering from an eve of partying or you awoke refreshed and are already tackling those New Years Resolutions, 2013 is here to stay.

Across the web, I found this trend of people picking one word rather than stating lofty resolutions. One word to focus on throughout the year. One word that can change it’s meaning to you every month. One word that can reveal something in a new light daily. One word that can shift your thinking or your way of doing. Read more about the trend here, here, here, here or here.

I thought about my word and made a shortlist over the past week. When I got it down to a few and couldn’t decide, I thought looking up quotes with those words could help choose my path. And it did. Almost immediately I chose the word “Focus.”

Focus, as a verb, means to cause to be concentrated or to concentrate attention or effort. I found so many great quotes that inspired me that I couldn’t pick just one to share today, but instead will share them during 2013, as I try to focus on my one word.

I’m looking forward to making 2013 a huge year for me, for my family and for all my projects. Ready? Let’s go!