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Spooning Gets Me Every Time

As much as I’m sure you all could tell from my Mother’s Day sneak peek, I can now finally divulge the gifts of mommyhood bestowed upon mine and Mr. GMET’s mothers. (It’s my own fault really, that I couldn’t have shared sooner. My DIY schedule and shipping times just don’t seem to be adding up.)

The Mr. And I are completely blessed with two of the most caring, loving, supportive mothers ever. So, I wanted to put love into whatever we gifted them this year. That’s why I got in on the painting and dipping craze that’s been going around.

This is truly one of the easiest DIY projects I’ve ever completed with such impressive results. I’m telling you, these painted spoons were a hit according to both moms.

To start I simply taped off the area I wanted to paint with washi tape. I would have used painters’ tape but we didn’t have any. Masking tape would have worked here too.

Then, as you see in the above pictures, I clamped the ends with the fanciest of office supplies. This was so I could paint both sides of the flat one and all surfaces of the spoons with cylindrical handles and not worry about messing up the paint.

I simply took down a few mugs and hung the spoons from our mug hooks to dry. Some needed two coats, some needed only one; I just eyeballed it.

After the paint I applied a clear sealer to the handles to keep them from chipping. I know our moms will take great care of them but I know they’ll need to stand up to some mixing too.

Again, I really cannot emphasize how easy peasy this project was. After everything was dry I carefully removed the tape and was finished. Really. Just some tissue paper and ribbon and we were good to go.

This project got me thinking of other tools that could be easily transformed with a little bit of paint… Pencils and paintbrushes of course, and makeup brushes too. Maybe some terra cotta pots? Who knows?!

What have you given a quick makeover to recently? Maybe your project will inspire my next one!