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A Holiday Sale Gets Me Every Time


Is your holiday countdown in full effect? I mean, the days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve just seem to fly by. At least in my world they do. But, of course, there are a couple things to take care of before the ball drops, we kiss and then wipe that slate clean for 2015. And to help you out with that, here’s a little holiday sale. Save 15% with code HOLIDAY14 over in my Etsy shop.
il_570xN.568166193_hj2wIf I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times, these business card holders are a perfect gift for coworkers, bosses, employees, brothers, sisters, parents, new grads, etc, etc…
il_570xN.680828952_j97pAlso in the shop are a few wine stoppers which are perfect hostess gifts. Or stocking stuffers. Or treats for you. So, the shop: Etsy. The code: HOLIDAY14. The savings: 15% off. Happy Holidays to us.


Journals (+ Writing Prompts) Get Me Every Time

Some Journals for starting 2015 | Gets Me Every Time

Yesterday I mentioned my top 5 reasons to journal. And well, that bonus #6 item got me scouring the internet for my next journal.* So, here are six of my top finds to fill with your greatest, or worst, memories, ideas and thoughts. (PS. These make great gifts too!)

one | two | three | four | five | six

Sometimes when I blog or journal,  I follow daily writing prompts, but I also love the idea of following one journal prompt to fill an entire journal. I brainstormed some that were really awful, some that might be good enough to turn into books and some just fun ones. So, above, some journals to fill. And below, some journal prompts to fill them with:

Journal Prompts for 2015 | Gets Me Every Time

  1. “This is what I dreamt last night”
  2. “The Dailys” (outfits, meals, movies watched, placed visited, exercise routine… etc.)
  3. “If I were a…” (Fill in with a dream occupation)
  4. Changing the world one page at a time (Ideas of how you’d change daily norms.)
  5. “My name is…” (Change your name, and write about your fictional life)
  6. “This one time during my childhood” (Write down as many childhood memories as you can.)
  7. “If I had a million dollars” (A different outcome every day)
  8. “Objects in my home” (Write the story of all the things you have collected in your home)
  9. “People I’ve met” (Start with your family, your friends, your coworkers, then go to the bus driver, your dry cleaning guy, etc… document their places in your life.)
  10. “An invitation to dinner” (A series of dinner invitations to anyone you want, what you’d serve and how it’d go.)

*NOTE, I have a drawer full of empty journals that I’ve been hoarding over the years, so I’m just going to admire these through the screen!

These Seven Words Get Me Every Time


If you weren’t already aware, I love words. I’m not quite sure where the love stemmed from, but it’s one I can’t deny. I like to think part of it comes from my godfather. Growing up, he kept a dictionary where he marked every word he looked up. Needless to say his vocabulary is quite impressive.

Recently, I came across the visual artist and writer Khalil Gibran. Though born in Lebanon, he grew up in Boston’s South End and became quite the prolific poet, thinker and artist. In Sand and Foam, he writes,

We shall never understand one another until we reduce the language to seven words.

But who should decide those seven words?

Even if they (whoever they are) asked me to decide on THE seven words, I wouldn’t accept the task. Too big. Too great. Right here, I’ve already used more than 100 words. How could I get it down to seven? However, I thought I’d give it my best shot. Why not?

Here’s my seven words, no explanations. I just want to know your seven words.

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Please*
  4. Thank You
  5. Love
  6. Food
  7. Bathroom
  8. Sleep

Now get to it. Seven words and seven words only. In the comments.

*I’m going with the reasoning that body language could convey this as much as saying it means.

An Animal Lamp Gets Me Every Time

lamp8One of the things I’d been planning to share is all the updates we made around our home over the summer. I’m not sure if I’ll get to those or not, but I did want to share one fun project Mr. GMET and I worked on together, this fun animal lamp.


It had been in our basement unpainted for a while, but a fresh coat of white paint really brought it together. From almost any angle it’s a fun lamp that’s playful and functional all at the same time.


Now, as I started thinking about a holiday pop-up shop for Toyidermy, I got to thinking that a series of similar lamps could be a fun addition to the standard business card holders I was planning on offering. Of course, no two would be alike. And they wouldn’t be limited to just white.


It seems silly to be posting about this lamp when there’s many other thoughts on my mind but I would love to hear what you think. Hate it? Love it? Pop-up that holiday shop?



Closing Time Gets Me Every Time

tealhippo2It’s been real. And it’s been fun. And it’s been real fun. But at times, it’s also been a real headache. Managing an Etsy shop is a lot of work. A lot, a lot, a lot of work. It’s also pretty rewarding. It’s fun to see your items pop up all over the web. It’s cool to see them on coworkers’ desks. It’s exciting when you get a request for a HUGE order. I started my Etsy shop about 2.5 years ago. And today, I’m making the announcement that I’ll be closing up shop. (keep reading or scroll on down for the part where I give you the coupon code.)

redcow2Why you ask? Because running an Etsy shop the way it should be run is time-consuming. I’m sure that it varies for each shop owner, but the shop I envisioned, with multitudes of animals in myriads of colors that are customizable is just too much for me right now. The making I love. The sales and shipping I love. But dealing with taking photos and editing photos and the Etsy backend is just too much for me right now. I’d rather be in my backyard enjoying the sun than inside setting up a product shoot.

giraffenecklace1I have learned SO much from this venture though. I do love making. I do love selling. I loved doing a craft fair. I loved being proud of shipping out a big order. I have great friends and family who helped me out with all of the above and I couldn’t be more grateful for their support over the past couple years. I honestly could not have succeeded without them.

limezebrapencil2I’ve got a notebook full of other ideas and projects that I want to make and share with the world. And I also still have some “unaltered” toy animals that will need a home too. So, is this “good-bye” to Etsy forever? I don’t think so. Just think of it more as a “so long”. There might be a pop-up around Christmas. Or a new concept of Gets Me Every Time on Etsy sometime down the road.

But right now, help me close down the shop with coupon code “ClosingTime20” at checkout and save 20% off everything in the shop. (*I should mention that all sales are final and I can’t offer any substitutions or alterations… what’s there is what’s there and what you get is what you get. xo)

A Little Llama Gets Me Every Time


You know when you have that friend who is the hardest and easiest person to shop for. No. Not because they’re impossible. Hardest because they have great style but easiest because you know what they like and dislike? (likes=llamas & vegetables. dislikes=chocolate.) Well, in friendships such as those, I turn to handmade gifts that suit that style perfectly. And not to pat myself on the back too much, I think this one hit the nail on the head.

Except… the present ended up being a little late because I stumbled on the pattern last minute. I knew I couldn’t not make it though. So, I trudged forward, making sure I got it finished within a few weeks. When her birthday rolled around, I mentioned I had something, but it wasn’t ready yet. Her response? “Is it a llama toyidermy?!” I kid you not. Can’t even make that up. I just smiled and said it was a secret.


But here’s how it all went down. First, I found this pattern on Etsy. Then I took a trip to the craft store to pick up all the necessary supplies. I was even able to find the frame there too. Then it was a matter of cramming some needlepoint into the end of the day while I watched the Olympics. I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.


And her response? Well she said it was a “great gift” and she couldn’t decide whether she’d put it on her work desk or her wall at home. Guess I should get started on Llama #2.

Love in the Air Gets Me Every Time

tealhippo2I’m not sure if it’s because it’s Friday. Or because that means the weekend is tomorrow. Or because it’s been a long week. Or because Valentine’s Day is seven days away, but I am feeling the love. So, today. Because I love you guys to bits and pieces. I have not one, but TWO coupon codes for you for the Etsy Shop. Spend $20, get 10% off with code LOVE10. Spend $25, get 20% with code LOVE20.

winestoppersThere’s wine stoppers, business card holders and a few necklaces too.

yellowzebra4The coupons are good through next Friday. But my love, that’s good forever. If you order over the weekend (U-S-A), I’ll do my best to ship Monday or Tuesday so you should even have it for that fateful Friday full of love.


A Restocked Shop Gets Me Every Time


Guys. After my recent craft show, I have a lot of new inventory for the shop. I overproduced for the show, making sure I had a myriad of options for perusers. Well, the animals they let get away are now looking for homes. I’ve got tons of business card holders that are ready to ship plus tons of new items that will make perfect stocking stuffers. Scroll on down to see some more including ring dishes & necklaces. (plus some blog reader savings!)redcow2 goldblackantelope3 greendino4 BlueStega3turtle4 limezebrapencil2 ringdish5 giraffenecklace1

Check out the shop for all these items and more. The shop is stocked with wine stoppers (great hostess gifts!) and ornaments, place card holders and toyidermy wall plaques will be posted soon.  Use coupon code GMET2013 at checkout (through the end of the year) to get 10% off your order.


The Ultimate Crafturday Gets Me Every Time


What exactly is an ultimate crafturday? It’s a Saturday featuring a craft show, as I mentioned Friday, with yours truly. The set-up looked like the above, with some slight merch changes throughout the day. This was my first ever craft show and I think it went pretty well. The layout of the entire show was a little screwy, and I didn’t get quite the amount of traffic I had hoped for. But, it was a great learning experience. Here are some more shots from the show.CraftShow_BizCards CraftShow_WallPlaque CraftShow_Setup CraftShow__PlaceCard CraftShow__Ornaments

All the unsold merchandise and more will be in my Etsy shop soon. Just in time for a little holiday shopping.


A Craft Show Countdown Gets Me Every Time

2013-11-17 16.46.23

You guys, I’ve been counting down to the Dedham Junior Women’s Club Craft Show for a while now. And it’s finally here! As in, tomorrow. Saturday. So, right now, I am busy packing all these little guys up. But, if you’re not busy tomorrow and you’re in the area, or need a trip out to the ‘burbs. Swing by!

I’ll have business card holders, pencil holders, ornaments, place card holders, wine stoppers and more! The holidays are right around the corner after all. It’s from 9-3 at the Dedham Middle School.