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High School Gets Me Every Time

CW FROM TOP LEFT prom | cougarette camp | back-to-school | seniors | Northview/Dothan 2001

Or is it “High School Got Me Every Time”? Either way, high school happened. And this weekend, my friends and classmates are reuniting in Dothan, Alabama to remember and celebrate the whole thing. Since it’s quite the expensive hike, I can’t be there to join in the fun. So, I’ve packed up a little time capsule to remember what was happening during our senior year. (First, above, my mom had a t-shirt quilt made with all my high school shirts, but that’s  is just a sampling.)

1. George W. Bush was muttering incoherent phrases during his first term.
2. Nickelback, Ashanti & Nelly topped the charts.

| sr. year varsity cheer |

3. Our football team continued a most impressive 39-game losing streak. (Go Cougars!)
4. Lindsay Lohan & Shia LaBeouf were nobodies over on the Disney Channel.
5. Flying the friendly skies changed forever. (I was in the common area when I heard, where were you?)
6. Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt were still married.
7. Auburn defeated Alabama at the Iron Bowl.
8. The Power Team ripped some phonebooks in the fancy convocation center.
9. The Real World was in Chicago.
10. LiveJournal, AIM and AOL were all the rage. (a/s/l??)

 | this one is from Jr. year, but that’s me, there in the cougar costume! |

From our own bank of memories though, one of the most fond things I can think of is our dear So Fresh, So Clean Crew. And so, in tribute to them, I leave you with this. I hope the band plays it this weekend. Travel safe & have fun guys. Go Cougars!

[tentblogger-youtube aU3Rk-Z9boM]

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