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Passion Projects Get Me Every Time



Do you have a passion project? I thought I did. And then I didn’t. And then I thought it was something else. And now, I’ve finally realized what it was more than four years after I started searching for mine. We’ll get to that, but first, you may be wondering, “what’s a passion project?” From passionproject.co:

A Passion Project is a 30-day creative side project that’s connected with your passions, has tangible outcomes and you can complete it without quitting your job or your education. Examples include and are not limited to learning to play the violin, writing a book, creating a trailer for a documentary, prototyping a food app or even 30 days of random acts of kindness.

So, do you have a passion project? Maybe you knit blankets? Or make jewelry? Or build standing desks? Or grow tomatoes? Maybe it’s lasted longer than 30 days? While you think on it, here’s the roundabout way I figured out my passion project.

First, I started this blog. I enjoy writing and I was looking for a place to write just for me. So maybe writing was my passion project? I even joined a blogger group.* But, I’m not sure that writing is my passion project. After all, writing is my job. Not my long-term passion project.

So, I started Toyidermy. You remember. Those crazy toy-animal hacked up pieces that held business cards, pens, books, etc. Etsy shop, craft show, website. I took a huge order and almost lost my mind.**  Toyidermy is not my long-term passion project.

Then I started a dance blog. Then stopping writing the dance blog. Then returned to the dance blog only before abandoning it again. It’s on again/off again and it’s not my long-term passion project.

All of this led me to realize that my passion project was right in front of me. It has been since I was three years old. Dance is my passion project. It’s what I love to do with my free time. Take dance classes, teach dance classes, watch dance reality shows. Why am I fooling myself into thinking I needed a passion project. I’ve had one for almost my entire life. (thanks, Mom!)

OK. So, really. I want to know what your passion project is. While I’ve found mine, I’m always open to a one-off night of exploring something else. And, if you haven’t found your passion project, go and do. It’s fun, promise.

*One of the best moves ever.
**One of the worst moves ever.

Tributes Get Me Every Time

[tentblogger-youtube s6MW1-lSo8o]

As many of you might know, I teach dance at a consortium of local colleges, called Colleges of The Fenway. While I took this past semester off, I still was able to attend the show. It was quite the treat because it’s actually the first time I’ve watched the show from the audience—I’m typically backstage calling the shots and keeping everyone (mostly) in line.

The first video here is from one of my fellow teachers, and my friend, Kristen. Her group danced this lovely piece, titled “Angels” in memory of our little girl. (Yes, I cried through the whole thing.) It was a beautiful tribute.

But it didn’t stop there…

[tentblogger-youtube 7VXD5AEYwHg]

A group of dancers from previous semesters (and who I look forward to seeing again in January) put together this jazz/tap mix for me. They took a bunch of steps we’ve done over the past 4 years and put them into this one piece. It was amazing awesome and truly moving. (Yes, I cried AND laughed through the whole thing.)

Thank you to my amazing dancers (and bloggers and coworkers and friends and family) for supporting me during the good times and bad.

Happy Dancing Gets Me Every Time

This past weekend I was in full-on dance mode. Here are some pics to prove it. Yes, they get a little blurry, but I’m not even mad. These girls, and guy, straight killed it. For that matter, all the dancers in the entire show were fantastic. I teach a couple classes at Colleges of the Fenway Dance Project and the students are the shining part of my week. Scroll down to see more, or head over to Dance Kelly Style today to check out the videos of my fabulous dancers.

A Little Party Gets Me Every Time

[tentblogger-vimeo 84151920]

You were hoping this post would be about a party I threw. Or a party I went to. Weren’t you? Well folks, you should know by now that everyday life is not nearly that exciting. What is exciting is this little jazz number we did over at Colleges of The Fenway Dance Project.

If you did know everyday life is not that exciting, but you didn’t know that I teach a few dance classes, I do. Two to be exact. Tap & jazz. These were my lovely students from the fall semester. They make it possible & worth it. They are fantastic.

The video of their tap performance didn’t turn out great, but you can hear that they’re tapping together. (win!)

A Recital Gets Me Every Time


Hey guys. Since it’s been so long. Since it’s Friday. Since it’s a long weekend. And since tomorrow is National Tap Dance Day, I wanted to share some photos from my mom’s studio’s dance recital. It was another fabulous show and I was so lucky I got to be there (haven’t missed one yet!)KSDrecital13_2

The stage was filled with tiny dancers. The auditorium was packed with friends and family. And the air was filled with excitement. All the dancing was fabulous, here’s a few of my favorite shots!KSDrecital13_7 KSDrecital13_6 KSDrecital13_4 KSDrecital13_3 KSDrecital13_1

Get this, there was even a “Dad’s Dance.” They all got dressed up in their suits and did a little Blues Brother Jig. And look, they had it together… or, well, for the most part.KSDrecital13_8Tomorrow, everyone celebrate this most dancing day with a little jig and a shuffle. It doesn’t matter if you know how, as long as you’re having fun! Now, get those toes tapping.


Dancin’ Days Gets Me Every Time

[tentblogger-vimeo 55371473]

You guys! I got so caught up with the holidays and work-work and Toyidermy, that I almost forgot to share these dance videos with you. Per usual, I was the tap instructor at Colleges of The Fenway Dance Project here in Boston this past semester. You can watch that tap video above. And yes, they are wearing wigs.

Plus, they added a jazz performance class and yours truly had the honor of choreographing twenty-some lovely ladies. Just watch for yourself below. It truly was a great semester. And having two Wednesday night classes gave me something to look forward to and a high to coast into the weekend with. A shout-out and thanks to all the students for their hard work and dedication to our beautiful art.

[tentblogger-vimeo 56470197]

PS. Thanks to my wonderful, amazing husband for “volunteering” to video these performances!

Slow Motion Dancing Gets Me Every Time

Remember the Olympics? Yeah, that little athletic competition that had us glued to our TV sets for two weeks straight and left us with nothing but national pride and animosity toward Bob Costa for chopping it up into bite size pieces. You remember.

One of the most interesting parts, to me, is when they show runners, divers, etc, in slow motion. And it reminded me of this clip from a few years ago that takes a slow look at tap dancing. There’s not much more to it than that. Watch the clip. I love it. We humans are truly fascinating machines, huh?

Family Birthdays Get Me Every Time

| all photos via |

Isn’t it funny that out of 365 days, two of my family members’ birthdays just happen to fall on the same day? It’s true. And actually, this isn’t the only case of such coincidence.

Today, August 23, would have been the 100th birthday of the better-known relative, Uncle Gene.

More importantly though, it’s the fourth birthday of my eldest nephew, Liam. Perhaps he’ll grow up to be movies like his birthday buddy. Or maybe not. All that’s important is that he’s happy and that today, he eats a honkin’ slice of cake. (plus some for me, since we live on separate coasts)

Happy Birthday Liam, Uncle Gene and all the other August 23rd birthday people.

The other coincidence is my brother and a different nephew (from the Mr.’s side of the fam) who were both born on Thanksgiving day, twenty-some years apart.

The birthday celebration continues tomorrow. Come back to see what Liam will be unwrapping later today!

Walls That Dance Get Me Every Time

| tap dancing class in the gymnasium |

If you’ve been following along, you know that I love dancing. It’s in my blood. What’s more, I love tap dancing. Also, in my blood. And while I love all dancing photography, illustration and the like, sometimes it’d be nice to see some more tap-inspired art.

Since I’ve shared The Ballerina Project with you, I decided to scour the internet for some tap imagery, like the photo above. It was taken by Jack Delano and it’s for sale over on Fine Art America now. Below, some more tap images to fill your walls.

| tap dancing bear |

| tap shoes |

| Girls Tap-Dancing Troupe |


| Tip Tap Dancer |

I think all of these tap prints are great ways to make your walls dance. And while a HUGE part of tap dancing is the sounds created, I still think the visual side of tap dancing is just as beautiful as any other style of dance. Don’t you agree?

Family Genes Get Me Every Time

You guys. If you don’t know it yet. I’m going to spill the beans. I love to dance. My mom loves to dance. My grandparents, they loved to dance. And this one here, Mr. Gene Kelly. Well, it runs in the family folks.

And tonight. YES. TONIGHT. I get to see Singin’ In The Rain on the big screen. In a movie theater. For real.

What? You want to come. Then go on. See if it’s playing in a theater near you. Do it. Now. Leave my blog. Yes. I’m saying it.

Put on your dancin’ shoes, America! It’s time to get your tap on.

• • • •

Shout out to The Boston Globe for running a piece (above) on Uncle Gene on Sunday.

Boston folks: If you can’t make it to the show tonight, there’s another chance to catch Mr. Kelly larger than life tomorrow (Friday.) An American in Paris will be screening at the Boston Harbor Hotel for their Summer In the City Series (PDF).