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Waiting For Spring Gets Me Every Time


You guys. I can’t even lie. I am over it. The snow. The puffer jacket. The boots. The everything. And it’s got me in a funk here, hence the sporadic posts. Don’t get me wrong—I love curling up under a blanket with a cup of hot tea on a cold winter’s night. But I’m ready for spring. I’m ready to get back out there and explore without starting to sweat while wearing 15 layers because you were cold but then you got warm from hopping on the T. You know the feeling? We’ve got places to go, people to see and new spring clothes to show off.


Spring. So close, yet so far. Almost, Louise. Almost.


Catober Gets Me Every Time


• taking more pictures…

• more pictures of something other than tacos.

• being more open with you guys, dear readers.

• seeing new places.

• keeping in touch with friends.

• using the crockpot.

• & organization.

(And Louise thinks it’s also a month for more gratuitous cat photos, but really, I think we have enough of those. Louise is resolving to be nicer this October. Those are our goals. What about you?)

Around Here Gets Me Every Time


Hello faithful readers. My apologies for the lack of a regular posts here lately. The Mr. and I are working on some big plans (no, not that plan, mom) so I’ve been keeping myself busy. Other than that we’re just welcoming back football season (and crockpot season), taking the cat (Louise) to her “back-to-school” check-up, and I’ve been fulfilling lots of custom orders for Toyidermy.

I’ve also been thinking about entering a craft show this winter. Do you think I could do it? Have you ever sold anything you’ve made? 

Until next time, stay busy and happy!





Sweeping It Under The Rug Gets Me Every Time

No, I’m not talking about pushing things aside and forgetting them. Really, I’m not the type to do so. I’m talking about literally sweeping under the rug. The Mr. And I ordered a new rug last week and it came in record time. What do you think?

We hedged our bets and went with RugsUSA.com, despite reading some negative reviews—no one can please everyone. But, we are more than happy with our gorgeous 6×9 wool rug (that we got at 75% off) that’s currently shedding as much as the cat. It’s a dark charcoal gray with a cream trellis-like pattern. And, it’s, perfect.

Sorry folks, no before picture here, it was too much to bear. And sorry for the low-quality photos. The iPhone was in full effect, demonstrating how great a 2+ year-old iPhone is at taking photos.

The rest of the weekend included lying on the new rug, crafting, cooking, fro-yo, painting, olympics, sushi and the regular weekend chores.

Happy Cat-Days Get Me Every Time

There she is. The birthday gal, Louise. Today is Louise’s fourth birthday! I know, I cannot believe it either. Four years ago my coworker was running late to work and none of us knew why. Turns out he found a wonderful litter of kittens in the alley behind his apartment. Lucky for me, he approved me as an adopter and Louise (the known as “Balloon” for her too-big-for-her-body-head) got to come home with me.

In her younger days Louise used to love jumping as high as the sky, but she’s matured and has settled down a bit. We love her all the same. I must she admit, she is a serious Momma’s girl. (Just like me, I suppose—love you mom!)

Just look at that face. She’s too cute to resist. My coworker gave two other kittens away, and kept two for his ever-expanding animal family (four cats, one dog, no problem.)

Here’s Muppet and Paco! now. I know, they’re smaller than Louise. What can I say, those boys and their metabolism. Also, do you see the striking resemblance between Paco! and Louise? Yep they’re twins! Happy Birthday guys!

Another Caturday Gets Me Every Time

Last week when the Mr. and I went to help out my mom with her recital, we also got to spend some QT with her cat, Melrose, pictured above. (Please don’t tell Louise, she may be jealous.) Well, the cute little thing just posed and posed while I clicked away, as evidenced above. She did try to make a sneaky getaway, but I caught her, pink-tongued.

She’s a very loving, affectionate cat who is spoiled with treats and has a sneeze like no other. (I think you can see this by some snot on her nose in the picture above.) She has allergies like you wouldn’t believe. Maybe she’s allergic to herself?

Caturday continued with the purchase of this very cute cat mug from Barnes & Noble—it’s got ears! I just love how when the coffee drips down the rim the mug looks like like a cat sweating. They’ve got a puppy mug too, for all the dog lovers out there.

Then, Caturday spilled over into this week when my old college pal, Liz (find her on Pinterest & Twitter) posted this great cat food label she made and then adhered to an old protein powder container. It was just the cutest thing so I insisted she send it to me too.

Want this label for yourself… err, your cat? It’s free to download. Download the PDF now. Thanks Liz! (After you download, simply print and cut on the white lines then wrap around your container of choice.)

#Caturday Gets Me Every Time

Enough about #crafturday until another day. It’s time for a little #caturday action, as inspired by Beckie over at Cubicle 57. (She had her very own #caturday last weekend.) And this past weekend, Louise and I had our own.

Look at those paws! How sweet is she?

Sometimes the click, click, click of the camera frightens Louise. To have your own #caturday any day of the week, visit Louise over at Purrspectives.

Unseasonable Weather Gets Me Every Time

Here in the Boston metro area, it was a gorgeous weekend. And aside from all the St. Patty’s Day activities, Mr. Gets Me Every Time and I decided to spend some time soaking up the vitamin D and playing some frisbee. (OCU, represent.)

There’s lots of other weekend updates to report too:

– Had a HUGE #Crafturday, or my own ultimate Pinterest Challenge* weekend. (*That’s the Pinterest Challenge via Young House Love. I had NO idea, there was also “The ORIGINAL Pinterest Challenge” until I googled it.)
– Had a little #Caturday, inspired by Miss Cubicle 57 & Sophie.
– Found some forgotten photos on my digital camera.

More on all these things (& more) soon. Until then, I leave you with this beautiful picture of spring’s premature arrival from the weekend.