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Parting Gets Me Every Time


For just shy of three years, I called this tiny one bedroom apartment home. Two with Mr. GMET, all three with our #LouiseTheCat. Before this, I had lived in two other Brookline apartments, and I’m sad to no longer call it home. As a family, we had so many special moments in Brookline:

• went on our first date while I lived there.
• brought Louise home.
• were married at our church.
• first lived together.

Those are the big memories but there are countless others like walking home from Red Sox games (okay, we only did this once), watching the marathon fly down Beacon Street (thanks, Cate!), going to “our” breakfast spot every Sunday and begin regulars at some of our favorite restaurants.

Thanks for the memories, Brookline! You’re only a short drive away, so I’m sure we’ll be back soon.


Snow Days Get Me Every Time


So, faithful followers. It snowed. A lot. And then it snowed more. And the plows kept coming through. But my neighborhood still looked like this when I stepped outside as the last flurries fell on Saturday. Quaint, isn’t it? I could tell you all the scientific details about how much snow fell and wind speeds and all that, but, I’m not. Instead, just take a glimpse at my cute little neighborhood. All the snow. And David trying to figure out if/when we should dig the car out.snow snow3 snow4 snow7 snow6 snow8 snow9 snow10 snow11

*note, we have not dug the car out yet. don’t hate.


Cutty’s Gets Me Every Time

Do you live in or near Brookline, Massachusetts? Yes? Have you eaten at Cutty’s yet? No? Well, put down your sandwich and head to Brookline Village. Look, even Guy has eaten there. You gotta go. And when you do, go on a Saturday. Why? This is why…

Pork Fennel Sandwich. It’s loaded with Garlic, dripping with flavor. If you like garlic, it’s not the sandwich for you. But if you love, cannot get enough garlic, this is what you’ll be eating on Saturday. But maybe you’re of a simpler taste? No problem.

Get the basic turkey sandwich. It’s still loaded with flavor and the pickled onions elevate this sandwich to anything but basic. What will you be having with your sandwich?

How about some fresh, housemade chips. The theme here is that everything is good, right? Yeah. These chips do not disappoint. And I haven’t even gotten to the best part.


Knowing where your food came from. Most of it is New England grown. And the stuff that isn’t came from the places that know those ingredients best. What more can I say? Get to Cutty’s. Get yourself a sandwich. And get yourself a big plate of satisfaction.