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The Ballerina Project Gets Me Every Time

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Some of you know, and some don’t, that I come from a long line of dancers and dance teachers. A knowledge and love of dance is, has always been and will forever be part of my life. Knowing that, it shouldn’t be hard to figure why The Ballerina Project gets me every time.

While I may not be a professional ballerina myself—more on that soon—I can’t help but be mesmerized by this photo series. Taken in some of my favorite places (New York, Boston, Hawaii), they are absolutely breathtaking.

I could literally post all of the photos here, they’re gorgeous, but then, what would you have to see for yourself? Check out The Ballerina Project, then visit them on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter to stay up-to-date with all their travels and the latest photos.

And remember, anything is possible from fifth position! (a lil ballet humor, don’t mind if I do.)