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Life Lately, in photos






010915_photos_kellymcauleyYou guys know I’m a lover of words, but every once and again, even I need a break from them all. Here’s a look at the past few weeks in photos. Lots of yarn. A little beach. Cuddly cats. Toys. Christmas. New York. And back to work. I’m sure my weekend ahead will include some of the same. Here’s hoping yours is fantastic.

Wedding Memories Get Me Every Time


Updates have been happening all around the house. Big and small alike. This is a small one. Something we were lacking was some art for our bedroom. Instead of buying something new, I wanted to keep things personal, so I decided to update some “art” I had made in the past. After our wedding, we had all these paper mementos that I wanted to keep. So a few years ago I framed up some of our guestbook “tags.”


It worked fine, but it wasn’t quite the scale I had imagined. (I have this idea that “grown-up” art should be big.) Also, I wanted to feature some of the other fun elements from our big day, like the buttons—everyone at the wedding had a name tag button.


So, I took the cards out of the frame and measured everything out to decide how big a frame the cards could fill. A trip to IKEA gave me the perfect frames to fill out. Two smaller square “shadow box” frames for the buttons. And one larger frame for all the guestbook notes.


I used simple brown kraft paper as the background and double-sided tape to hold them in place. Yes, the “cheers” tag looks like it might have had one too many. Nothing a little tape can’t fix.



The two smaller pieces hang on either side of our bed, and the guestbook tags hang on Mr. GMET’s side of the room. It’s one of the last things I look at before I fall asleep and I’m always reminded of our family and friends celebrating the day we started our family.

Other bedroom updates: Headboard (seen above) | Text art (seen in reflection) | Jewelry Box

30 Before 30 Get Me Every Time

tulipsSome people make a list of things they want to do before they turn 30. And I’ve never found anything wrong with it. I actually still don’t. But as I rapidly landslide into my next decade, it wasn’t something I thought was worth doing. It’s just not my thing. Besides, I have done A LOT in those 30 years already. So, today, my list of 30 things I did before I turned 30 (in no particular order).


1 Traveled overseas—Rome, Ireland & London

2 Swam in the Pacific Ocean (and the Atlantic too)

3 Had surgery—knee & eyes

4 Lived in 4 states—PA, AL, OK, MA


5 Got married

6 Bought a house

7 Started a craft business

8 Went on a road trip (OK→GA in 1.5 days)

9 Had a perm


10 Adopted/rescued/took in a cat

11 Earned an MS

12 Spent the summer as a camp counselor

13 Got a job teaching at a college

14 Did a kegstand (unrelated to #13)

15 Filmed a few commercials

[tentblogger-youtube KJUzALdI–k]

16 Danced in a movie

17 Cheered at a National Bowl Game

18 Worked at daily newspaper


19 Ran a 5K

20 Seen a few Broadway Shows

21 Marched in a parade

22 Lived by myself

23 Became a godmother

24 Danced in a liturgical dance company


25 Was a mascot (Go Cougars!)

26 Hiked Diamond Head (twice)

27 Swam a “polar bear dip”

28 Touched Vanilla Ice’s hand

29 Skipped prom

30 Planned a surprise party

So what’s next? It’s anybody’s guess really.
I’ve got a few things up my sleeve, but the surprises are what makes this whole thing fun. 

A Travel Book Gets Me Every Time

Travel Book | Gets Me Every Time

I remember my first camera. It was neon pink. One of those rectangular ones with a simple trigger button and a level on the bottom that you pushed to advance the film on the spool. I got it for Christmas and I took more non-pictures than I actually took photos. Mostly blurry. Mostly out-of-focus close-ups of peoples’ faces and my dolls. But I loved that camera and my photos. And I’m sure I went through more film than my parents could have ever imagined.


One of the best parts about getting film cameras was waiting to see what developed, don’t you think? I mean, there are few surprises in life. And that was definitely a fascinating one for me when I was a kid. Now, you’ve seen the bulk of our photos from Rome. And I saw them on the plane ride home. But there’s still a little magic in holding them in prints, or books, don’t you think?


I wanted to create something similar to my Instabook, so I went with the same 8×8 style from Shutterfly. Once the book arrived, I grabbed our travel journal and a Zig pen and got to recalling all the details.


On the back of my childhood prints, I’d write who was in the photo. Or what year it was. I think this is just an evolution of this. Spelling out how our days went. And making sure to mention how we managed to get around and find our way.


Some pages get a lot of description. Some get little or none at all.


And while I could elaborate on any one picture for a while, I tried to keep it top level enough that it’s easy enough to flip through and get the full story.


I think our trip to Rome was one for the books. And I think this was the perfect way to commemorate our vacation.


*Ps. I was not paid or perked by Shutterfly. I just really love the size and quality of their photo books.

Parting Gets Me Every Time


For just shy of three years, I called this tiny one bedroom apartment home. Two with Mr. GMET, all three with our #LouiseTheCat. Before this, I had lived in two other Brookline apartments, and I’m sad to no longer call it home. As a family, we had so many special moments in Brookline:

• went on our first date while I lived there.
• brought Louise home.
• were married at our church.
• first lived together.

Those are the big memories but there are countless others like walking home from Red Sox games (okay, we only did this once), watching the marathon fly down Beacon Street (thanks, Cate!), going to “our” breakfast spot every Sunday and begin regulars at some of our favorite restaurants.

Thanks for the memories, Brookline! You’re only a short drive away, so I’m sure we’ll be back soon.


An Irish Epiphanie Gets Me Every Time


Remember that time I told you guys we went to Europe? Well, we did. And one of our stops was Ireland. Before I went I picked up a new camera bag, as you may remember, and I was so glad I did. This epiphanie! bag was perfect for our trip as we spent long days away from our hotels.


My camera was safe, my hands were free and the bag was stocked with snacks in case we happened to find ourselves in the middle of nowhere and hungry. Which as you can tell from the photos, we were. Here, at the Cliffs of Moher, we were blessed with a beautiful day and astounded by the natural landscape.


We spent about two hours gazing out over the sea that fall afternoon. I just started to (finally) put together a couple photo books from our trip. I’ll be sure to share any other great photos that I come across. cliffs_ireland2

Photos of yours truly captured by the ever-wonderful Mr. Gets Me Every Time. Thanks, David!

A Holiday Gets Me Every Time

Hello? Is anybody still here? Well, after a few days of radio silence over here, we’re back! Mr. Gets Me Every Time and I took a fall vacation and I can’t wait to tellshow you the details.

We visited London, Ireland and Northern Ireland during a nine-day trip. It was relaxing, rejuvenating and such a blessing. While we didn’t cross everything off our list, we did see a great deal. Photos coming soon, I promise!

A Shutterfly Insta-Book Gets Me Every Time

You guys know I’ve got a thing for Instagram. Well, I’ve. Mentioned it before anyhow. The other thing I have a thing for is printing photos instead of keeping them locked up on my phone, my computer or a myriad of social networking sites. So, here it is, my Shutterfly “instabook.”

I took some inspiration here from this blog post and took the liberty of scribbling all over the pages. At least most of the pages. Here, take a look…

It was very easy to connect my Shutterfly account to my Instagram account and upload all my photos into the book. Plus, Shutterfly is always running a sale. For instance, I just popped over there and right now, you can save 20% on photo books with the code BOOK20.

ps, I wasn’t paid for thing post or anything. I did however receive this photo book free because I have “klout.” You can sign up for Klout and get free perks too.