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Spooning Gets Me Every Time

As much as I’m sure you all could tell from my Mother’s Day sneak peek, I can now finally divulge the gifts of mommyhood bestowed upon mine and Mr. GMET’s mothers. (It’s my own fault really, that I couldn’t have shared sooner. My DIY schedule and shipping times just don’t seem to be adding up.)

The Mr. And I are completely blessed with two of the most caring, loving, supportive mothers ever. So, I wanted to put love into whatever we gifted them this year. That’s why I got in on the painting and dipping craze that’s been going around.

This is truly one of the easiest DIY projects I’ve ever completed with such impressive results. I’m telling you, these painted spoons were a hit according to both moms.

To start I simply taped off the area I wanted to paint with washi tape. I would have used painters’ tape but we didn’t have any. Masking tape would have worked here too.

Then, as you see in the above pictures, I clamped the ends with the fanciest of office supplies. This was so I could paint both sides of the flat one and all surfaces of the spoons with cylindrical handles and not worry about messing up the paint.

I simply took down a few mugs and hung the spoons from our mug hooks to dry. Some needed two coats, some needed only one; I just eyeballed it.

After the paint I applied a clear sealer to the handles to keep them from chipping. I know our moms will take great care of them but I know they’ll need to stand up to some mixing too.

Again, I really cannot emphasize how easy peasy this project was. After everything was dry I carefully removed the tape and was finished. Really. Just some tissue paper and ribbon and we were good to go.

This project got me thinking of other tools that could be easily transformed with a little bit of paint… Pencils and paintbrushes of course, and makeup brushes too. Maybe some terra cotta pots? Who knows?!

What have you given a quick makeover to recently? Maybe your project will inspire my next one!

A Dresser Do-Over Gets Me Every Time

It’s time for a post long in the making, the out-with-the-old, in-with-the-new, dresser-to-TV stand DIY. Need a refresher? Let’s go way back here and remember how we (yes, that includes you) were sick and tired of that IKEA TV bench.

All caught up? Alright. So, Mr. Gets Me Every Time and I scoured the old Craigslist till we came up with a dresser at the perfect size, price and location. That’s how we ended up with the above beauty. I know. As much as we too loved those pretty princess decals and butterfly knobs, the paint was just a little too chipped up for our liking. Before we say goodbye, you know you want those close-ups.

The previous owner was a young girl turned teen who had outgrown the girly pink accents—the family was on their way to a soccer game when we picked up the piece. Lucky for her, and us, we knew just what to do to transform this dresser. Since there are plenty of posts about dresser reno on the interwebs, I’ll just get to the in-progress and after shots.

We went with Benjamin Moore’s Peacock Blue for our paint color. Looking at the color palette online, we figured it perfectly complimented our new gray couch, plus it was just the pop of color the room needed. We needed a place to stash our DVD player and cable box, so we knew the top row of drawers* wouldn’t be making it back in the picture, for now. But, we did need to create a shelf where the top drawers were. (*We still painted them, in case this dresser ever is a dresser again.)

Armed with measurements in hand, we went to Home Depot where a friendly, and helpful, employee helped us pick out a piece of wood heavy enough to bear the load of the entertainment necessities. Once it was home, it too was sanded & painted. Then we drilled bunches of holes to help with some air circulation. Holes were also drilled in the back panel of wood for the same purpose. And, here we go!

Ta-da! Here’s the finished piece, and Louise inspecting it. We loaded up the middle drawer with DVDs and CDs, freeing up tons of room on our bookcases. And in the bottom shelf we store extra remotes plus all of our board games. We couldn’t be happier. We fixed up the entire dresser in the comfort of our own apartment. No worries, the paint was low-odor and drop cloths and sheets covered everything else until we were finished.

As you remember from last week, the knobs were crucial to this project. So we went to IKEA last weekend and picked up two sets of SVEP knobs. We really liked their traditional shape and liked the look of the black against the blue—especially with the other black furniture in the apartment. (We also grabbed a set of the SVEP handles too, in case we ever decide to put those top drawers back in place.)

Have you refinished any furniture recently? Did we miss any steps? I’ve heard about a wax finish you can put on furniture, but I didn’t read much into it—oops! No matter, we still are proud of a job well done.


A Little Duck Tape Gets Me Every Time

Time for a super simple DIY for duck tape bow ties! I made these for my group of tappers, seen here dancing. Tons of pictures to share, so let’s get to it. Grab your supplies! These are a great, inexpensive way to jazz up a costume or they would also be great for a party of little chickens.

You will need duck tape, in any color, I used white; scissors; and a safety pin. Optional supplies include permanent markers, glitter, rhinestones, and any other sort of embellishments your heart neck desires.

Step 1! Roll out a large piece of duck tape (about 8 – 12 inches, depending on the size of the person who will be wearing said bow tie) and double it back on itself.

Then, press it against itself, trying your best to line up the edges. It’s okay if it’s not perfect, you can trim off any excess on the sides later. Cut your tape off the roll and set aside.

Next, cut a small piece of duck tape. We’ll wrap this around the middle of our first piece to cinch the middle. Set this aside momentarily and go back to the big doubled over piece of tape.

Now, pinch the middle of your folded over piece of tape, making sure that the “pleats” you create are just about even on both side and are laying the same way.

While pinching the middle, take the smaller piece of tape you cut and wrap it around the middle, securing it in the back. Once you do, it should start to look a little like the picture above.

And now for a little trim. I like to round the edges of these bow ties just a little bit. Makes them seem more finished. (From the stage or for that party.) This is when I trim off any excess overlap on the edges too.

Now, flip your bow tie over, open your safety pin, and carefully thread the cap end underneath your cinching piece of tape. Doing this will make it easier to pin to a shirt. At this step, you could also thread a piece of elastic or ribbon, for a pin-free version. Or, you could make hair bows out of these and thread the back piece of a barrette through the middle piece of tape. You can stop right here and be good to go. OR, get our those embellishments now.

Maybe add some blue stripes?

Or color some red polka dots.

Or some zigging and zagging black chevron. It’s up to use. Use these at a party and let the kids all decorate their own. ‘Cause nothing says “party” like a fancy bow tie.

IKEA Hacking Gets Me Every Time

A while back, Mr. Gets Me Every Time and I purchased two Billy Bookcases from IKEA. Billy is a popular boy and can be spotted all across the Interwebs posing as a built-in. But, as you may already be able to tell, we didn’t go there. Billy was originally supposed to serve as storage for wedding gifts and office supplies.

But it didn’t take long to see that one closet in the bedroom didn’t quite measure up to the task of holding the clothes of these happy newlyweds.

$29.99 @ BB&B

So, since we had enough time, we trekked to Bed, Bath & Beyond to harvest some supplies. Actually, all we needed was this tension rod with optional screw mounting.

We used the existing holes drilled in Billy’s interior (I know, sounds dirtier than it is) that hold the adjustable shelf brackets to mount our tension rod in. And yes, we did utilize the optional screw fitting to make sure it could carry the weight of our clothes.

Then, we simply removed the fixed middle shelf and rearranged the adjustable shelves to leave room for shoes, bags, accessories and folded jeans.

A super simple IKEA hack that doubled our closet space. All in a day’s work!

Toyidermy Gets Me Every Time

Yes. Toyidermy. Yes. I’m making up words. It’s Wednesday. And it’s ok.

Remember when I mentioned that the front halves of my mom’s new wine stoppers would have a life of their own? Well, introducing, Toyidermy. Two of my closest friends have April birthdays and I knew they would love these little Toyidermy plaques as much as I did. (HBD Patrick & John Jacob!)

The idea for these guys came from a post that Lauren Elise did, but the link to that post (Deer Plaques DIY) seems to have gone missing. You can catch a photo of the inspiration in her Instagram roundup though.

To make these guys I decapitated my animal toys and gave them a couple coats of paint. I also painted a few wood plaques I picked up at Michael’s, each for under a buck. The toy animals were from Target and I believe they were a buck each. (Birthday boys, put away your calculators, it’s the thought that counts.)

After a few coats of paint I grabbed the hot glue gun and, as neatly as possible, added a ring of hot glue to my cut line. Then, these guys got to sit and dry.

Next, they each got a coat of clear gloss spray paint, to add a little shine, you know. At this point, I thought about adding some embellishments to the front, but I quite liked the bold, simple look of them as they were.

So, after another good day or so of setting, I hammered a picture hanger in the back and that’s about it. The most time-consuming part of this project was letting the paint dry!

I know these two gifts have found perfect homes with my friends. Hopefully, you find these guys as quirky and cute as my friends and I do!

Putting A Cork In It Gets Me Every Time

Since my mom and I live many miles apart, we don’t get to celebrate her birthday (or mine) when it actually happens. But, the next time we’re together, I know we’ll share many a bottle of wine, so I whipped up a few wine stoppers for mom for her birthday.

I grabbed these wine stoppers from one of my favorite places on earth, The Container Store. Also, I had two plastic cat toys animals from the Target $1 bin. (You know of my affinity for painting plastic animals after all.) Then, I rounded up some acrylic paints from my craft box and got to work.

I started by cutting the animals in half (oh, the horror) and painting them the same colors as my wine stops. I applied two coats of paint and then one coat of my gloss sealer to make the lil guys nice and shiny.

Then, I simply took to the hot glue gun and glued the wine stoppers inside the hollow plastic animal rear ends. I know, I’m not great at step-by-step pictures. Working on it though!

And voila. We’ve got one red rear.

And one yellow rear. Mom thought they were adorable and I think so too.

So, are you wondering where these critters’ front halves are? Not to worry, a cute tiger and lion head project is coming up soon.

Birthday (Post)Cards Get Me Every Time

As I mentioned the other day, my mom had a birthday last week. To celebrate from a long-distance, we put together a postcard project, inspired by Jordan over at Oh Happy Day.

In her DIY, she suggests emailing instructions and a printable to everyone to be included in this project. Basically, you have friends and family of the birthday girl or boy write a note and put it in the mail. When they receive all the notes, they can put it together to create a bigger message.

Since I wanted to make it super easy, I decided to make and print the postcards myself and mail them with instructions. I found the above poster in the mail at work and decided this would be a perfect image for this project. So, I cut up 5 pieces of card stock into postcard-size pieces to see which part of the image would become the puzzle.

Then, since I had already cut the card stock I designed and printed a mailing side of the postcard for the yellow pieces. It was pretty basic, as I wanted to leave everyone enough room to write.

Printed on yellow it looked spectacular. Of course, I typed my mom’s address in so I didn’t have to hand write it 20 times. Click the image to get to the PDF so you can make your own postcard project. Once printed, I secured the mailing sides to the poster image with rubber cement and cut out each postcard.

Then, it was time to address and stamp envelopes and send these bad boys to my mom’s friends and family. Wouldn’t you know, she received all but one in the mail. Everyone sent them back, but it seems that the NYC post got lost in the mail. Here’s the picture my mom sent me on the day of her birthday.

It didn’t get too banged up in the mail or anything. Looks good to me. Who knows, maybe the rest of that flower will show up soon. There’s one more birthday project coming up. Stay tuned!

Makin’ Memories Gets Me Every Time

Last summer Mr. Gets Me Every Time and I went on a little trip to Martha’s Vineyard. Some call it a weekend trip, but we decided to make it our honeymoon. And since we’d never been there, it was our own little exotic island vacation.

Now, this trip has spawned a little craft project for several reasons:
1. I love to save mementos from trips.
2. I love photos from trips.
3. We do not live a huge apartment with unlimited storage in which to put all these things.

And since #crafturday was already in full effect, I thought, hey, why not? I found a project I loved on Pinterest and had a great way to display our trip. Now on to the supplies:

Here’s the start of the supplies. A 10×10 frame that we already owned and the paper backing that came with it, plus some rubber cement.

Add to that all the maps, brochures and other tiny scraps of paper we picked up on the journey. But wait, what’s that Matha’s Vineyard sign thing? Oh, well let me show you.

I used Adobe InDesign to create the outlines of “Martha’s Vineyard Massachusetts” and made sure it was just a little smaller than 10 inches wide.

Then, I added different photos to the letters to highlight the most picturesque moments of the trip. Some photos took up two letters, some took up one. It made no difference to me. You’ll see we ate hotdogs and ice cream, rode bikes, went sailing, played games on the ferry and enjoyed the natural beauty of the island.

Once I printed my masterpiece, I cut up those maps to highlight the restaurants we ate at and the places we stayed. Then I used those along with our handwritten itinerary to cover the bottom on the 10×10 square piece of paper that lined the frame.

After I figured out where I wanted everything, I glued it all down then gave the whole thing a flip. I trimmed where those red lines are so the whole thing would fit perfectly in the frame.

And, ta-da. A work of art, if I do say so myself. Oh, notice in the bottom left-hand corner where it says “2011”? I realized, after putting this in the frame of course, that no where did it say when we went on our trip. So, I pulled out some stick-on vinyl letters for a finishing touch.

And there it is, the finished project. It hangs next to some photos we picked up while on the Vineyard and amidst a sea of other images.

That completes this week’s #crafturday wrap-up. Now, on to planning next week’s #crafturday.

A Tiny Book Gets Me Every Time

I recently found some inspiration craftspiration over at the great blog EnJOY It. Elise is an expert documenter (is that a thing?) and I took some cues from her to make my own “minibook.” Examples of these have also been floating around the Pinterest sphere for a while. So, I won’t go into too many details on putting this together. I’ll just share some photos instead.

In an effort to de-clutter a few shelves, I’ve been cleaning out some small boxes. Recently I opened one that was full of old cards and notes from Mr. Gets Me Every Time. And so, I gathered up all those tickets, notes and cards, some glue & binder rings, and I grabbed a stack of old scrap paper to help put it all together.

Then, it was simply a matter of making all the pages fit together in (a somewhat) sequential order and using the three hole punch to line it up and punch away.

Here’s some shots from the guts of the book. Cards, pictures and I took some time to write notes about certain pieces too.


Not bad for a couple hours of punching. Much like the wedding card book I made, I did this while catching up on some fantastically bad TV on my DVR. Plus, it was fun to look back through everything I’d saved.

And there you have it. Just one more quick shot–here’s the cover. Some plain kraft card stock doctored up with decorative tape and a few 1/2″ vinyl letters.

Remember when I originally mentioned #crafturday yesterday? Well, there’s even more to come… just wait!

Greeting Cards Get Me Every Time

If you’re ready. I am. Now, I’m not talking about how sappy greeting cards get me every time. But, let’s be honest, they do. No. This greeting card project stems from those 6+ month old post-wedding to-dos I had mentioned in the past.

So, for our wedding, Mr. Gets Me Every Time and I were blessed enough to receive so many cards:

So I gathered up my supplies. The binder rings, from Staples and our cards plus a three-hole punch, a box knife & my glue gun, not pictured, and that teal box. It’s our card box from the wedding and a perfect base to the card book I made. It was just like this one from Paper-Source, only mine was teal.

Then, I lined up all my cards from smallest to biggest, height wise. I turned vertical-opening cards on their sides and added them to the pile. Then, they all got the punch. (Note, this was a great activity to do in front of a movie. My choice, Legally Blonde.) After that, while still watching Reese do her thing, I simply put the binder rings through the holes.

Next, I took to this box with a box knife. I cut the string off which left me with the sides of the box (the curved part the handle is on) and the front/back part, still connected. Then, I slit what is now the spine of my card book. I glued the pieces back together to the correct thickness, based on the number of cards we had. Then, I punched holes CAREFULLY in the back of the new book to put another three card rings  through, in order to connect the cards.

And that’s it. I left our “CARDS” sign attached to the front and our new book will live on our bookshelf next to our photo albums. Such a great way to keep them all together and be able to easily flip through them.

(Oh look, there’s that glue gun shot. Silly me.)