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Valentine’s Day Gets Me Every Time

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Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! Yes, I know, for a few weeks I went on and on about this day of love. Well, here we are and I am so far behind with no catching up in sight. Things just got busy here with work and the big game and birthday and everything, you know. I had started a Valentine’s Day board over on Pinterest, and so if it were up to me, I would have completed some of those projects, like the above homemade scratch-off Valentines from Little Lovely.

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I would have also made some of these too-cute cupcakes from Bakerella. But, we actually still have some cupcakes left over from the birthday celebration, so maybe I would have just added some new decorations…

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Lastly, I would have made some of these oh-so-simple snow globes as seen on Dandee. There’s not any snow outside this February, but that’s nothing a little glitter couldn’t fix.

As for us, we’re just celebrating a simple Valentine’s Day, filled with love (and with Louise, of course!) What about you? Are you feeling the love?

#ArtSupplies Gets Me Every Time

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I love art supplies. In fact I’ve got a closet full of ’em stashed at my mom’s house.

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So, I went on a little keyword search to conjure up some of those warm fuzzies I remember from endless hours of coloring, and painting, and creating and so on and such.

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I love Instagram… and Statigram is a great web-based feed to follow Instagram users.
(If you’d like, you can follow me, @copykelly)

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So please just indulge my childhood memories. And give in to your creative tendencies.

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Embrace the colors. Oh, and the textures.

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Go paint, draw, color, doodle, bedazzle. Do something creative every day.

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What are you waiting for? Grab some paper. A napkin. Anything. Put your weapon of choice to work.

{P.S. Today is Mr. Gets Me Every Time’s birthday! Happy Birthday to him!
Everyone check back tomorrow for a special look at some homemade birthday treats.}

Leather Bangles Get Me Every Time

Every once and a while I get on a little tear across the Internet and just start searching for a certain type of items. This time my focus was leather bangles. Here’s a look at what I fell in love with.

| Suz & Roo |

This set of bangles is quite the stack, no? Well, you can actually grab three of them three of them for only $12 + shipping. Not a bad deal. There’s lots of other great things in the shop too. Lots to mix and match. And when you do, you’ll save on shipping too.

| Alexa Sofia |

This set of 12 (yes 12) leather bangles comes in at only $28 + shipping. Best of all, you’ll find other colors in the Alexa Sofia shop so you can mix and match till your little heart is oh so content.

| The Adorned Article |

Here’s where things get a little tricky. Is it a leather bangle? Is it a charm bracelet? Let’s say it’s both and all be happy, ok? Not only is it a leather bangle charm bracelet, it’s also a custom made set of four bracelets. Talk about a deal, right? So cute. Check out the whole shop for more color/charm options.

| five and two |

Last, but certainly not least are these studded leather duds from five and two. Only $12.50 for a set of two. And, like all the aforementioned shops, this one is jam-packed with goodness.

I’m totally crushing on those last two the most. But who am I kidding, I love them all. (Hey Pinners, for easy repins, I’ve got these all up on my board with direct links to the store. Find them all (and more) right here.