Birthday Anniversaries Get Me Every Time


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I was going to let this weekend pass without saying anything on the internet about it. But I figure this was as good a chance as any that I had to make a statement about something important. Something that matters.

Right now, I should be planning a party, asking you not to buy any toys, relishing that a year has already passed. But instead, I’m planning on doing nothing and asking you not to comment on this or any other of my social media accounts.

While I know your comments come from a heartfelt place, and I’m sure you are thinking about me (us) and about how hard this time is/will be, just know that every day is difficult. And while your thoughts and prayers mean everything, they’re important all the time.

So, please, instead of commenting or writing me a note, I ask you to do one of three things, if you feel so inclined.

1. Donate blood and give another family as much of a chance as we had. Find a blood drive near you.

2. If you can’t donate blood, consider making a monetary donation to the Red Cross.

3. Consider making a donation to the Brigham-Women’s Hospital NICU building fund in memory of Bailey.

Thank you for your endless support and love.