Slow Sunday Links Get Me Every Time

Gene Kelly on GMET

Another day, another week, another handful of links for you guys. The weekends here have become pretty lazy as we descend deeper into fall. But after rainy weeks, I’ll take these sunny weekend days so we can get in a few more evenings of grilling out.

Above, for those who have mistaken my concentration face for a pissed off face. “It’s just my face,” and apparently it’s genetic.

 Life lessons learned from blogging we don’t all blog, but we do all live

Yet another sliding door project but I like how this one’s not like all the others

How to build your tribe extra points because it uses the phrase “ugly cry”

AND why you should hang with people you admire total truth

Capsule collection podcast because it’s all the rage and my fashion sense is nonexistent

Do you have a habits manifesto? I didn’t even know I needed one… do I?

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