My Daughter, Bailey, Gets Me Every Time

Bailey1I want to introduce you all, the world, to my daughter, Bailey Quinn.

She’s named after her maternal grandmother’s maiden name (just like her mom was) and her paternal great-grandmother’s maiden name.

Her birthday is September 13. Which means she’s a Virgo. And while I don’t know much about astrology a quick google search tells me she’s loving, sympathetic, charitable, faithful, instinctive and moody. (Sounds about right.)

Bailey3She has a head full of dark brown hair. And a strong grip. Such strong little fingers. And the longest toes I’ve ever seen a baby wear. Dancing toes. And she loved having her picture taken, just like a little diva would.

Her favorite color is pink. She has a pink bear her dad gave her named “Barbara Bear.” And a pink lamb from her best friend. Yes, of course, she has a best friend, and her name is Jenn. Jenn helps Bailey with arts and crafts during their sleepovers. They always were up to something, making some new decoration for Bailey’s room.

Bailey’s favorite food was always her mom’s basil & tomato pizza. Can you blame her? What kid doesn’t like pizza?

Bailey2She loves to listen to mom and dad read stories like “Goodnight, Moon,” “The Little Engine That Could,” and tales from Richard Scarry’s big storybook. She also likes to listen to mom & dad sing whatever song they can remember the words to, even when they mess them up.

Every morning and every night she says her prayers with mom and dad, “Our Father,” “Hail Mary,” “Glory Be,” and our special prayers where we ask God for healing, understanding and strength.

Bailey liked making her footprints on paper so much that she did it a few times. But, being quite the lady, she didn’t take well to having her fingerprints taken.

Even at a young age, she likes to share clothes with mom, something I thought wouldn’t happen for many many years.

She isn’t a girl of many words, though how could she get any in with her two parents around all the time?

Bailey4All in all, Bailey is quite an amazing little girl. So, don’t be shy to talk about her. Or ask how she is. I think she’s turning out to be a lot like her mom and dad. And in my book, that’s not such a bad way to be.

Bailey Quinn, September 13-19, 2014



  1. Mary Katherine. says:

    Thank you for sharing Bailey with us! She’s beautiful. Those little fingers and ears. You must be such a proud mama. Much love to you and your precious little family.

  2. Shauna Burk says:

    Bailey is our sneaky little angel….she likes to sneak up on her Pop Pop and tickle his feet till he cant catch his breath…. then she hides thinking no one sees or hears her…… She also likes to snuggle with her pop pop when they nap…. you can always tell shes there because Pop Pop smiles in his sleep. Dancer… Bailey is an AMAZING dancer {almost as good as her mom} she glides across the like she has wings on her feet!!! Our Bailey…. Our Sneaky little Angel… Pop Pop and Mimi love you

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