A Bumpdate Gets Me Every Time

BumpdateSeptember_GMETI’m sure you’ve been eagerly anticipating another baby update, some bump pictures and all that jazz. Well, here it is. I’m growing, Baby GMET is growing and the due date is inching closer and closer. We are in “the red zone” so to speak as anything can happen after week 37. The bags are packed, mostly. The freezer is stocked, for now. And the baby’s room is ready-ish. We feel as prepared as one possibly could for such a life-changing event, I think.

As far as the medical side of things goes, we don’t have any new news to report. We’ve been going for weekly visits since about 30 weeks just to monitor everything. They’re pleased with the baby’s growth, heart rate and activity at this point. We’re still sitting in a pool of uncertainty, so I’ll ask again for any positive thoughts and/or prayers you want to send our way.

Right now, we just can’t wait to meet our little nugget. However, in my mind, baby GMET is staying put for a while longer, but it’s not really up to me, amiright? So, until that time comes, we’ll take all predictions in the comments. Boy or girl? Birthdate? Size? Prizes for all the winners are an overflow of baby pictures in all forms of social media.



  1. elizabeth says:

    this is hard to do without seeing you & Baby GMET live and in person but here goes:

    it’s a boy. I’m guessing 7lbs (+/- 6oz) and he’ll show up just shy of 40 weeks.

    I’ll gladly trade some of my winning photos for an actual smell of your baby. (I know that sounds weird but trust me, it’s heaven)

  2. Alex says:

    Obviously sending lots of love to you, Mr. GMET and Baby GMET. Officially throwing in my guesses.

    Girl. I’ll say 6lbs 10oz, and she’ll show up on Sept 17 (that’s my middle niece’s birthday, I’m partial to it).


  3. Shauna Burk says:

    Ok…. I am banking on HER birthdate being Sept 30th….. 5lbs….. and a head full of hair!!! Any takers on that bet!! Luv ya Kelly

  4. Teresa Smith says:

    You look amazing!! Best wishes and may God bless!! Congrats to you and your hubby!! I know your Mom is super excited as well!! Can’t wait for the pics!!

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