Lazy Sunday Links Get Me Every Time

Succulents - Get Me Every TimeI’ve been saving these links for you guys for quite some time. I know, I’m sure you’ve been waiting. Apologies if you’ve seen them already or they’re old news.

Common cooking conversions because how much is a handful? 

How to make your own pet pop art you know I totally want to make Louise pop. 

How to make Iced Coffee better tis the season, after all. 

A simple(-ish) succulent hanging garden just lovely.

10 creative Instagram accounts to follow even though I love your selfies.

No-churn vanilla ice cream because Martha. and last weekend of “summer.” 

How to take/edit better iPhone photos who carries their real camera these days? 

A glitter resin countertop in the dining room because you so fancy, we already know.

A ninja turtle party because my nephews are obsessed. 

How to be a grown-ass woman as I think I should probably start thinking about that any day now. 

Sausage cheddar muffins will freeze nicely, I think. 


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