Burgers from the Grill Get Me Every Time

grilledburger2One of my favorite things about living in the ‘burbs of Boston is having real outdoor space. Not a stoop, or a fire escape or a porch that seems nice but you’re too afraid to go out there because it leans just a little too much. A real-life, backyard outdoor space. We’re fortunate that ours came with a nice patio that has turned out to be a great parking spot for a grill. While we haven’t fired it up as often as I would like, we have tossed a few burgers on there this summer. And they have been nothing short of awesome.


Burger #18 : Burgers on the Grill

for the burgers (makes 3 obnoxious burgers or 4 regular ones):
1 lb ground beef
salt & pepper (according to your tastes)
+ your favorite buns + toppings (cheese, mustard, ketchup, tomato, etc.)

The easiest ever. (This is nowhere near a recipe. Just too delicious not to share.) Turn on the grill so it gets all nice and heated. Form 3 or 4 patties with the ground meat. Sprinkle salt and pepper on each side. Put on grill. Cook. Pile on toppings. Eat.

** This year, I’m making (at least) 20 burgers. See ‘em all. **

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