Around Here Gets Me Every Time

AroundHere33_13AroundHere33_1AroundHere33_14AroundHere33_12not believing it’s already March 3rd.

looking forward to turning the clocks ahead this coming weekend.

wishing we got spring break as adults.

finding reasons to pull out bright spring-colored clothes.

enjoying time with family (Feb family portrait, above.)

packing up shop orders.

trying to find a new book to get lost in. (suggestions welcome.)

itching to get some spring craft projects done.

keeping my feet warm with one sweet kitty.

loving leaving the city behind on the weekend (even though I wouldn’t change being there every week.)

planning a short weekend away.

keeping busy at work.

going screen-free before bed.

devouring homemade hummus.

That’s the first weekend of March around here. Expect a quiet week though, as I have a feeling it’ll be a busy one between work and the shop. But, if you’re missing me, I’ll be over at DKS.


    • Kelly says:

      Thanks, Brig! I haven’t read any new books recently. I am going to put those at the top of my list now. Thanks!

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