The Friday Five Get Me Every Time

Louise_FridayOh, Louise. I know. We’ve neglected the blog all week long. And there’s so much snow outside. And how are those Olympians hurling themselves down a mile-long ice luge at 80mph on a thin board?? At least it’s Friday. And a three-day weekend. Hang in there, kitty.

1 | Maybe one of these spicy meatball grilled cheese sandwiches would make Louise perk up. (or maybe just me?)
2 | Remember these canvases? Well, I started a new Pinterest board of abstract ideas to paint. Let me know if you have any more inspiration for me.
3 | If I start crocheting this oh-so-perfect stripy cowl now, I think I can have it finished by next winter.
4 | My high school cheer buddy shared a recipe for Buffalo Chicken Cornbread and I can’t wait to try it.
5 | Stop diminishing your creative work and what you do. There’s no reason to be sorry.

PS | shameless plug for the other blog with a week’s worth of posts for you to catch up on.


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