BBQ Chicken Burgers Get Me Every Time


You ever have that “want two things at once” feeling? You know. Like you want chocolate, but something salty and so you compromise with yourself and go for the chocolate covered pretzels? Or you want to sleep in, but you know you should get up so you grab your favorite blanket and move that party to the couch? Or when you don’t want to shovel that 6 inches of snow, but someone has to so you send your husband? Yeah. That.


Well, sometimes my dinner menu is all over the map. I want Chinese take-out and the Mr. wants Buffalo chicken. OR, I want Chinese take-out but I also want Buffalo Chicken. Still with me? Well, I think that’s what this burger experiment was created for. For dinner, I thought BBQ would be great, but burgers also sounded delicious. And so, we’ve arrived. This is burger #16 out of 20. (When did we get here?!) The BBQ Chicken Burger with Onions.


This burger is similar to one I’ve made before (the BBQ cheddar burger) but, as I’ve mentioned more than once, the ground chicken burger is so adaptable. And here, it really lets the BBQ smoky/sweet flavor shine. I sautéed up some onions to pile on top and we had the best of both BBQ & Burger worlds.

Burger #16 : BBQ Chicken Burger with Onions

for the burgers (makes 4):
1 lb ground chicken
salt & pepper (according to your tastes)
2 tsp diced garlic
1 tbsp diced onion
2 tbsp bread crumbs
4 tbsp cheddar cheese, grated + a little extra for the toppings
3 tbsp your favorite BBQ sauce + an extra dollop for the toppings
1/2 medium onion, roughly chopped
+ your favorite buns

Start with the onions. Heat about a tablespoon of oil in a small sauté pan over low heat. Add your roughly chopped onion and mix so the oil is spread evenly throughout. Then, let them do their thing and caramelize while you fix up those burgers.

Mix the chicken with the salt and pepper plus the  garlic, onion, BBQ sauce, bread crumbs and cheese. Don’t over-mix your meat though or it will get a weird texture. Keep it meaty! If it’s falling apart or too juicy, add an extra spoonful of breadcrumbs. Now, throw em on your grill, in the oven, in a frying pan, etc and watch them carefully, turning about 8 minutes in to get both sides nice and grilled (more or less, depending on how well you like ‘em done.)

Make some onion rings, or toss a salad while the cooking is going down. Then pile on the onions, some more cheddar and a little squeeze of BBQ sauce. Enjoy!

** This year, I’m making (at least) 20 burgers. See ‘em all. **

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