The Friday Five Get Me Every Time

[tentblogger-vimeo 67069182]

You guys. We made it. Again. TGIF, friends. Have an amazing weekend wherever it takes you!

1 | The above video, brought to my attention by my bff, Maria.
2 | Satin Hands by Mary Kay to get me through the winter.
3 | Every food blog and their brother has a Super Bowl menu roundup. But this taco one is my favorite.
4 | Get started on a huge diy valentine now, so it’s done in time for the big day.
5 | Some business card inspiration sorted by color.

BONUS, #6 | One of my favorites is back to blogging, Beckie! And me posting it here makes her accountable to all of us. Blog on, Beckie. We’re happy to have you back.

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