The Friday Five Get Me Every Time


Another Friday. Another list of five for you, dear friends & internet followers. Someone pinned up this quote in my office and I could help but love it.

1 | This blog of real life emojis.

2 | These paleo oreo-style cookies from Gluten-Free On A Shoestring. (Yay! Gluten free!)

3 | This Kitty Cat Valentine Cookie Jar from Target to put them in.

4 | Speaking of love, this on-stage proposal from a Peter Pan performance.

5 | And, 22 “Hard to Kill” houseplants via Decor8.

Get your 3-day weekend on, folks!


  1. elizabeth says:

    LOVE the emoji blog. I sent it to Jack the other day because I can never understand what 99% of those things are supposed to be and he says it makes me old. I say no, just very very far-sighted

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