Black Pepper Burgers Get Me Every Time


Growing up, I never got the need for freshly ground pepper. At a restaurant, I always just thought it was for show. That the waiter coming over with a larger than life pepper mill meant we were at a nice restaurant or something. To me, a kid, pepper was pepper.


But I get it. And these burgers get lots of it. Get your grinding arm in good shape. Set it to coarse. And go. You’ll need a good amount of pepper. (Note, my favorite pepper mill had just run out of peppercorns so I used some pre-ground too.)


Now wise beyond my years I’m sold. And I’m quite possibly under the impression that every restaurant, no matter how fancy, needs freshly ground pepper. Maybe it can be a new job. The name tag will read “pepper grinder.” Creating new jobs. Helping the economy. One pepper mill at a time.


BURGER #14: Black Pepper Burger

for the burgers (makes 4-5):
1 lb ground beef (or turkey, or whatever makes your heart and belly happy)
1 tsp salt
1 clove diced garlic
1 tbsp tamari (or soy sauce)
3 tbsp freshly ground coarse pepper
+ your favorite buns

for the fixins:
tomato, onion, etc
ketchup, mustard, etc
cheese, if you prefer cheeseburgers.

Mix the first four burger ingredients together to make 4 extra large or 5 regular size burgers. Now, take all that freshly ground pepper and make sure it’s in a sizable bowl, or on a small plate. Carefully place both sides of each burger in the pepper, coating them with a nice crust. Throw em on your grill, in the oven, in a frying pan, etc and watch them carefully, turning about 8 minutes in to get both sides nice and grilled. Top as you see fit and grab a seat. We had these peppery burgers with a salad and it was just the right side. But please, go crazy… fries, onion rings, whatever gets ya goin.

** This year, I’m making (at least) 20 burgers. See ‘em all. **


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