A Travel Book Gets Me Every Time

Travel Book | Gets Me Every Time

I remember my first camera. It was neon pink. One of those rectangular ones with a simple trigger button and a level on the bottom that you pushed to advance the film on the spool. I got it for Christmas and I took more non-pictures than I actually took photos. Mostly blurry. Mostly out-of-focus close-ups of peoples’ faces and my dolls. But I loved that camera and my photos. And I’m sure I went through more film than my parents could have ever imagined.


One of the best parts about getting film cameras was waiting to see what developed, don’t you think? I mean, there are few surprises in life. And that was definitely a fascinating one for me when I was a kid. Now, you’ve seen the bulk of our photos from Rome. And I saw them on the plane ride home. But there’s still a little magic in holding them in prints, or books, don’t you think?


I wanted to create something similar to my Instabook, so I went with the same 8×8 style from Shutterfly. Once the book arrived, I grabbed our travel journal and a Zig pen and got to recalling all the details.


On the back of my childhood prints, I’d write who was in the photo. Or what year it was. I think this is just an evolution of this. Spelling out how our days went. And making sure to mention how we managed to get around and find our way.


Some pages get a lot of description. Some get little or none at all.


And while I could elaborate on any one picture for a while, I tried to keep it top level enough that it’s easy enough to flip through and get the full story.


I think our trip to Rome was one for the books. And I think this was the perfect way to commemorate our vacation.


*Ps. I was not paid or perked by Shutterfly. I just really love the size and quality of their photo books.


    • Kelly says:

      Do it! I love it. It’s the highlights from our trip. I still print regular photos too, but I love having books that capture the memory too!

  1. brigzorn says:

    I’m working on a huge Shutterfly book right now of photos from 2013. I love the idea of writing in captions once it’s delivered as I’ve already spent so much time working with those damn text boxes. Might steal that idea!

  2. elizabeth says:

    FILM! it was like christmas every time I dropped on off. I’d loiter around for the hour it took and rip open the envelope. for every roll of 36 prints I took of the kids I usually ended up with only 10 keepers but today, I love the ‘mistakes’ just as much. I miss film. now my problem is getting the old photos/negatives into a digital format.

    I’ll have to keep this in mind if I ever move beyond using my phone for photos which is faster than instant gratification.

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