A Secret Treasure Book Gets Me Every Time


I’ll admit it. I used to turn down the corners of book pages to mark my place in books. I highlighted books. I wrote in the margins. I made books my own. And I occasionally still do. When I actually have a tangible book rather than an e-book. But, if you’re a book purist, you might want to stop reading.


This simple crafty project involves very few supplies. A book. A notecard. An X-acto knife. The thing about the book… it needs to be one you’re willing to part with. Or, not part with altogether. Just part with the story it contains.


This book was a collection of stories. I found it second hand. Appropriately enough, the book leads with Treasure Island. I left that story whole. I flipped to David Copperfield and cut out the entire story around this notecard.


I  cut about 10 pages at a time, then just flipped and cut more and more.


I went about 150 pages through. I sliced through Copperfield and Call of the Wild. There’s one more story at the end of the book, too. I just couldn’t help but have this wolf peeking through the window.


I packed the book with tiny toy dogs and shipped this one off to my nephew as a Christmas gift.


Isn’t it the cutest? I almost wanted to keep this for myself. It’d be the perfect place to hide a stash—of money, gifts, hopes, dreams, wishes, love notes, etc. What would you hide inside your treasure book?


    • Kelly says:

      It didn’t take as long as I thought. I was multi-tasking, so I’d say maybe 1.5 episodes of the Big Bang Theory? Do it!

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