This Little Wreath Gets Me Every Time


This is it. The Craft-Up success* I promised in follow-up to last week’s serious fail. It’s nothing to write home about. But from a distance, this DIY wreath doesn’t look too bad.


I started with some foam leftover from the headboard project. I shimmied it on to a coat hanger and bent the whole thing into a loop.


This is where things got interesting. Because the original plan was to wrap the whole thing in yarn. But, that didn’t work out too well. I devised a plan, first, I’d wrap it in gauze, and then in yarn. That was a no go as well. I decided to wrap it in some left over fabric instead.


From there, The initial idea was that the wreath would be an ever-changing, all-season thing. So, I then wrapped some festive ribbons around the wreath and pinned them in place.


Who knows, maybe in the spring, the red and green will come off and some nice pastel ribbons will turn this into an Easter wreath. Autumnal ribbons for fall? We’ll see.

2013-12-15 18.25.57

Louise is even enjoying the new holiday look. (Actually, she’s simple sitting on the radiator cover to stay warm. She could care less about the decorations.) The tree was on sale at Target last year after Christmas, so as much as I’d love to say I made it, I didn’t.

*success is a relative term. In this case, it means I successfully made something.

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