A Craft-Up Fail Gets Me Every Time


Remember at the beginning of the year when I started The Great Craft Up 2013? Well, I didn’t get very far in using up my craft supplies. It might have even demotivated me to craft, if that’s possible. And it was especially hard to go to the craft store for shop supplies and not buy everything anything else. I did pretty well for the first oh, three-quarters of the year. But then. You guys. Coupons. The canvas in the above picture was on sale. And then, I had a 40% off coupon on top of it. So they were around $11/each and I. couldn’t. resist. (I bought 2!) Craft-Up Fail!

P.S. I do have big plans for these canvasses. A winter project for sure. AND, to make up for my huge fail, I made a wreath over the weekend, which I’ll share soon. (It’s nowhere near spectacular, but you gotta know when to walk away, right?)

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