Therapeutic Emails Get Me Every Time



Lately, I’ve been finding myself writing emails and deleting them before sending them. Or, more accurately, deleting them before I even “finish” writing them. Am I the only one? For me, sometimes it just helps putting something down in writing to let go of the feeling. And, *bonus*, it’s much cheaper than actual therapy.

PRO-TIP! Scared you might actually hit send? Don’t put any email address in the “TO:” field. Or simply put your own. 

The best way to describe what I’m typically getting out is like some of the worst gossip you would speak. Or secrets you would only tell a close friend. But this way, it turns into the most harmless, non-existent gossip that I don’t have to worry about anyone spreading. At the end of one of these (usually frantic) email writing sessions, that little voice in my head (sure, call it a conscience) says, “don’t worry, Kelly, your secrets are safe in the trash bin.”

Now, please, tell me, am I the only one who does this?

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