Greek-Style Burgers Get Me Every Time

I cannot get enough chicken burgers, you guys. I know that turkey burgers keep popping up everywhere, but in my heart chicken burgers are where it’s at. This latest Greek-style burger is certainly no exception. (PS! Check out those new countertops. A house update is coming soon, I promise!)


I’m a sucker for cucumber anything so this is the perfect burger for me. Topped with crispy cucumber, it was a quite a hit. Not just for me though. The Mr. loved it too. It was light, summer and the perfect weeknight meal. I think we’ll be making them again sometime soon.GreekBurger5

for the burgers:
ground chicken
diced red peppers
feta cheese
(gluten-free) bread crumbs
+ your favorite buns

for the topping:
sliced cucumber

for the sauce:
greek yogurt
lemon juice
diced cucumber

Mix all those burger ingredients together but don’t over-mix your meat and form patties. Throw em on your grill, in the oven, in a frying pan, etc and watch them carefully, turning about 8 minutes in to get both sides nice and grilled. While that’s happening, dice and slice that cucumber, mix up your dressing and pour yourself a drink. Then simply top your burger and enjoy!


** This year, I’m making (at least) 20 burgers. See ’em all. **

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