Fishs Eddy Gets Me Every Time


A few weeks ago, when I was in New York for work, I had a free evening to spend some time with my main man JJL. We ate cheese, drank wine and walked around the sweltering city, ducking into a few places to get a reprieve from the heat. One of the places we got to check out was Fishs Eddy, near Union Square. JJL had gifted me a few mugs from there a while back, so I was excited to check it out in real life.


As the proud owner of a new kitchen, you could say I was over-the-moon to be looking at so much dining and kitchen goodness. That said, I restrained myself as we are only now opening our wedding dishes. (exciting, right?) Anyhow, if I had been looking to throw a little kitsch into the kitchen, I might have picked up any of the pieces from this “Teddy & Bear” collection.



I mean, look at that close-up. “High Five.” It was almost calling my name. I love it.


And, if you were not into those mermaid bottle openers in the first photo, how about these owl bottle openers? Just too cool for school.  But, mermaids, Teddy, high fives and owls aside, my favorite thing in the entire store was one kitchen towel.



This towel is perfect (purrfect?) for any cat lover. I for one think it’s a perfect representation of my favorite lady, Louise, or any cat for that matter. It sums up how much she obeys us to the Tea Towel. Get it? Full of ’em today.

Check out Fishs Eddy online or in person if you’re ever in the city. They’ve got tons of great stuff that you might not need today, but you’ll probably find a use for tomorrow.

PS… @JJ, that link was intentional. Update your blog so we all know what you’re up to. 

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