August To-Dos Get Me Every Time


Since I fell off the “Focus Friday” bandwagon, oh, say, two months ago, I thought I’d try a new monthly strategy-thing. We’ll see if I stick to this little list of mine. I’m going to guess probably not. But, I think that’s in keeping with the list anyway.

I’ve always wanted to be a person who is “good” at to-do lists (whatever that means.) I want to feel the satisfaction that habitual list makers get when they cross off task after task. But I never had. I have had more joy in making lists than actually completing them. It seems as though making a list to me is more about seeing my “mental notes” on paper, not about crossing them off.

What about you? Do you have daily goals? A list for the week? A list for every day? Any tips, all you list-making machines out there?

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