Living the American Dream Gets Me Every Time


So, as you guys know, we have a new home. So, in the spirit of independence, freedom and all things American, I wanted to give you guys a little digital tour of the new homestead. Before we begin, keep in mind this is an empty house. An empty house that needs paint and some window treatments and just the right lighting. OK, ready?


The open space in the house was a huge selling point for us. Along with the wood floors. And the new windows. And that gas “wood” stove.


The kitchen isn’t the most grand, but it’s perfect for us. We’ve already got a new refrigerator (not to worry) and we’ve got some updates planned in there as well.HomeTour_GMET_4

The master suite is currently our favorite place in the house. It’s been painted. It gets great morning light. And we both have our own sink. Oh, and something about a great closet.


And look, you can come visit. There are two rooms to choose from—unless you want to stay in the basement that is.


More photos to come as we paint, update and decorate. Can’t wait to fill you in!


  1. elizabeth says:

    LOVE it! great rooms, great light and so cute. Can’t wait to see what you do with it all!
    – e

    PS – let me know whenever you’d like to grab a local drink!

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