Color Choices Get Me Every Time

ColorChoices_GMETCW from top left: BM Calm | BM Athena | BM Sidewalk Gray

As you now know, we are getting ready to move, but first, we want to get a couple fresh coats of paint on the wall. We started in gray land. We looked at blueish grays, purply grays, reddish grays, greenish grays and some gray grays. But then, we started to look at colors with more brown undertones. Something in the “almost white but not too white” category.

After several hours pouring over more than several paint swatches in various lighting scenarios, we settled on three colors to get samples of to test out on the walls. We’re painting our bedroom, our living area and our kitchen. And we are leaning toward two of these three colors. Can you guess which? Or do you have a favorite?

I’ll let you know what we chose soon, along with some stellar before and after pictures.

PS, the fourth swatch (behind the green text) is Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace. An almost white, but not stark white… there’s a place for that too. Also, don’t worry, this blog isn’t going 100% home decor—more crafts, burgers and the like to come.

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