BBQ Burgers Get Me Every Time


Have I been a bad blogger or what? Coming and going as I please. Not keeping you up-to-date on every little thing. I know. I’ll try to do better internets. Life is just BUSY. So, so BUSY. Between the LASIK (still doing great, by the way) and our second anniversary, a Red Sox game and another announcement I’ll get to later in the week, life is crazy busy. But never too busy for burgers. Especially the summery goodness of a BBQ burger.


Unfortunately, we don’t have a grill (or any outdoor space to put one) right now, so these aren’t cookout BBQ burgers, but they were still delicious. I mixed some BBQ sauce into the beef patties with garlic, salt and pepper before throwing these bad boys in the pan. Then, I topped each off with some more BBQ sauce, and a big hunk of onion. Served on a gluten-free bun, these bad boys fit the bill for a warm evening. To complete that summery feeling, I did a little corn on the side thing—gotta get those veggies.


More to come this week. AND, spread the word: my Esty shop will be closed from this Friday – July 1 so I can add some new products and take a little break.


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