LASIK Gets Me Every Time

GoodbyeGlasses_GetsMeEveryTimeToday. May 30. 2013. A Thursday. I am getting LASIK. I’m getting rid of contacts. Rid of glasses. And I’m getting the chance to see the clock when I wake up in the morning. Heck, to see my husband when I wake up in the morning.

I’ve worn glasses since 1992. And contacts since 1997. And today. No more. (Until I’m older wiser and need them to read all the things again.) People tell me it will be life changing. And I believe them.

It’s a big decision. And it’s one I’ve thought about for a while now. I can’t wait to tell you how this changes my life. For better and worse. But that’s for next week. Today (and tomorrow) I’ll be off the grid. Away from screens. TV, computer, tablet, phone. I’ll be resting my eyes, because once healed, they are getting a serious workout.



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