A Recital Gets Me Every Time


Hey guys. Since it’s been so long. Since it’s Friday. Since it’s a long weekend. And since tomorrow is National Tap Dance Day, I wanted to share some photos from my mom’s studio’s dance recital. It was another fabulous show and I was so lucky I got to be there (haven’t missed one yet!)KSDrecital13_2

The stage was filled with tiny dancers. The auditorium was packed with friends and family. And the air was filled with excitement. All the dancing was fabulous, here’s a few of my favorite shots!KSDrecital13_7 KSDrecital13_6 KSDrecital13_4 KSDrecital13_3 KSDrecital13_1

Get this, there was even a “Dad’s Dance.” They all got dressed up in their suits and did a little Blues Brother Jig. And look, they had it together… or, well, for the most part.KSDrecital13_8Tomorrow, everyone celebrate this most dancing day with a little jig and a shuffle. It doesn’t matter if you know how, as long as you’re having fun! Now, get those toes tapping.


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