The F List Gets Me Every Time


Let’s start out the week, and the month, with the “F-list.” Not much to say today, so, let’s go…

1. Food Blogs | I love to read food blogs and look at the gorgeous photos. Here’s a collection of my fave food blogs.
2. Frank’s Red Hot | I put that ish on everything.
3. Feedly | It’s no secret now that Google Reader is on its way out. So, I’ve jumped on the Feedly bandwagon.
4. Flipboard | I’m all about the web this week. If you have an iPad, Flipboard is a must.
5. Farmhouse Style | I keep pinning tables like this one. Someday, someday.
6. Friends & Family | Hey, that’s you guys! And to celebrate you, and the month of April, I’m giving you, dear readers, 15% off anything in my Etsy shop all month long. Simply use code FF2013 at checkout!

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