The E List Gets Me Every Time



I’m not going to lie. I put off making “The E List” because I didn’t think it would be as Easy as it was to come up with a list of favorites that start with E. But once I thought about all my favorite things in the world—I have a lot, hence the name of this blog—it was simple to compile this short list!

1. Epiphanie Camera Bags | You guys are probably sick of me talking about Epiphanie Bags. But I love the one I have and I love this cute chevron bag too.
2. Etsy | I mean. It’s my go-to for all things cute.
3. Easter Bunny Drink Stirrers | Speaking of Etsy, these drink stirrers, and all the other ones in this shop, are adorable.
4. Even Numbers | I’ve just always had a thing for even numbers.
5. Egg Holder | I love that this looks like it’s from Anthro, but you can find it at World Market.
6. Emerald Green | It’s the color of the year. You’ve got to get behind it with a cute iPhone case.

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