Stamping Cards Gets Me Every Time


The Great Craft Up 2013 continues! This year I’m trying to use up all the craft supplies I have before I buy any more. It’s the Great #CraftUp2013, and you’re invited!


I have seen stamps popping up more and more in my daily internet travels. From Pinterest to blogs to Twitter, they seem to be everywhere. At first I thought they were only for scrapbooking (not into it) but after having these three stamps in my shopping cart for a while, I decided they weren’t for scrapbooking at all. They’re for making cards.


Needless to say, I finally got the stamps. And they are a perfect way to keep #CraftUp2013 rolling. In the last ten years I have amassed more plain notecards than any one person should ever own. I don’t know why. It’s like I’m drawn to paper stores (and the card aisle at Target) like a moth to a flame. But the stamps… these stamps are going to help rid me of my paper obsession.


I think the “Happy Birthday to ______” is my favorite because it does allow you to go a little crazy in saying “Happy Birthday” to the same person over and over in so many ways. I went a little stamp crazy on that striped one. The “Because You’re ________” stamp also hold lots of promise. “Because You’re Loved.” “Because You’re The Best.” “Because You’re Graduating!” The list goes on and on. In fact, I’ve already used it on some “Thank You” notes.

StampedCards2I’m looking forward to getting some use out of “It’s Going To Be __________” in the next couple weeks. “It’s Going To Be Awesome” is my go to, but I think it could be “epic,” “beautiful” or, (wait for it) “legendary” could also work here.

Are you joining in #CraftUp2013? My friend Elizabeth (@SeagrassStudio) is climbing aboard. Let me know if you are too!


PS. My stamps were totally inspired by the fab Elise. Check out her stamp shop!

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