Focus Friday Gets Me Every Time


1 | Reading | I am SO close to finishing that book that I started forever ago. 20 pages to go! I will continue to focus on reading more in February.

2 | Listening | Sometimes I get so wrapped up in all my own thoughts that I forget to be present in conversations. I will focus my energies on the conversation at hand.

3 | Preparedness | This is everything from packing my lunch the night before to being mentally ready to have conversations. See #2.

4 | Relaxing | This is so. hard. My mind is always racing. New ideas. New inventions. Places to go. People to see. Things to make. In February, I will take time to fully engage in relaxing. Less multi-tasking. More relaxing.

5 | Productivity | It seems wildly opposite from #4, but making sure my productivity level stays high and I am fully engaged will allow me to experience more complete relaxation.


And, for accountability’s sake, here’s a quick recap of how/what I did in January:

1 | Relationships | I made phone calls. Had dinner. Had brunch. Wrote emails. Texted A LOT. More of this to come in 2013.

2 | Honesty | Remember this week’s post on my kitchen? And going gluten-free. This is a huge task… still working on asking for help when needed, I’ll get there.

3 | Creativity | The great Craft Up of 2013 has kicked off and I’m loving all my projects thus far. I will share them soon, I promise!

4 | Reading | See above, I cannot wait to dig into my wishlist of books. (20 pages!)

5 | Organization | The donation pile is still sitting in the corner of our bedroom. And I haven’t updated you on it. But it’s there. Working on it.

So, some tiny successes in January that make my February outlook a good one. What about you?

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