An Irish Epiphanie Gets Me Every Time


Remember that time I told you guys we went to Europe? Well, we did. And one of our stops was Ireland. Before I went I picked up a new camera bag, as you may remember, and I was so glad I did. This epiphanie! bag was perfect for our trip as we spent long days away from our hotels.


My camera was safe, my hands were free and the bag was stocked with snacks in case we happened to find ourselves in the middle of nowhere and hungry. Which as you can tell from the photos, we were. Here, at the Cliffs of Moher, we were blessed with a beautiful day and astounded by the natural landscape.


We spent about two hours gazing out over the sea that fall afternoon. I just started to (finally) put together a couple photo books from our trip. I’ll be sure to share any other great photos that I come across. cliffs_ireland2

Photos of yours truly captured by the ever-wonderful Mr. Gets Me Every Time. Thanks, David!

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