The Letter A Gets Me Every Time


Todays’s post is brought to you by the letter A. So, with a new year, I wanted to collect some of my favorite things and share them with you now and again. I thought, what better way to do so than work my way through the alphabet.

Every other week or so, I’ll explore the next letter, which will take us all the way to December. Some things are thing of right now, like that delicious armoire up there. Other items are all-time favorites, like the also delicious avocados.

Here’s “the A list:”

1 Accordion Calendar from Paper Source

2 Alabama Cutting Board as seen on Etsy (They have other states too!)

3 Amazing Armoire from West Elm

4 America Necklace, also from Etsy

5 Avocados!

6 Anthropologie’s Arrivals.

Do you have any all-time A faves? Anything I should add to my own A list?

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