Focus Friday Gets Me Every Time


Do you ever see those random dots in your eyes? They’re called floaters. That’s kinda what the polka-dots on my pants, pictured above, remind me of. I see floaters in my eyes all the time (it’s a vitamin thing, so I’m told), but I also see floaters in real life.

Floaters are the distractions. The Dance Moms marathons. The endless nights out. The apps on my phone and ipad. The internet. (Sorry, internet, I still love you.)

When I chose my one little word for 2013, I wasn’t sure exactly how I’d narrow it down. And that’s the problem with lacking focus, isn’t it. So, I decided to try to focus on five things per month. At least for this month. I’ll try it out, see how it goes and let you know how I did at the end of the month.


Here’s more insight to my five focal points for January:

1 | Relationships | Our lives are built around them and I’m going to focus on building better ones with my husband, my family/friends (especially those far away ones), my coworkers and you, my readers.

2 | Honesty | This one goes back to the first point there, but it’s also about being honest with myself. When is too much really too much? When should I ask for help? Are polka dot pants truly a good idea?

3 | Creativity | It’s a daily thing for me in my job as a copywriter. But it can’t stop there. Big plans for this one. More on creativity next week.

4 | Reading | I’ve got a wishlist of books that I won’t let myself purchase until I finish reading the book that’s currently downloaded to my Kindle app. I will finish said book and move on.

5 | Organization | This one is already in the works. I’ve started a “donation pile” in the corner of our bedroom. More on this next week too.

Those are my January goals. I think I can do it. Are you a goal-setter? Any tips on how to make it all happen?

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